Saturday, April 5, 2014

REVOLUTION via Nostalgia

I think part of the problem I have with people waxing nostalgic about a defunct Constitution of a defunct Republic is the CERTAIN realization that we only have the present. THINK! WE don't have the past and we do not have the future. WE cannot recreate the past and bring it forward into the present no matter how much time and energy we expend trying to do so.

THOSE things fitted for the past, pass away in their own future, which is still the past to us.  WE know they are dead, because we can lay them out on the table of history and anatomize them. We can examine and measure every violation and wound and argue about which particular wound or collections of wounds was fatal, but what we cannot deny is the loss of the necessary processes that signify LIFE. This is ABSOLUTELY TRUE vis a vis American Constitutional Governance.   

TODAY, American Constitutionalism exists ONLY IN NEO form. Just as Nazism exists today only in NEO form.  Those people whose every-other word is "Constitution" and "constitutional violation" are lost in a time warp.  It is the same with those who see images of the Holocaust or the Holodomor, and embark on what is ultimately nostalgic recall.
WHY is this important to grasp? BECAUSE, the TOOLS that were used against King George, and the TOOLS that would have prevented the Holocaust or the Holodomor or any number of genocides in the world are DIFFERENT now, though the principles needed for the WAR are the same.  

THINK! What can a musket and militia accomplish against an international cartel of unified power that has the U.S., the E.U., and the Common Wealth Nations in it clutches?  The American Revolutionaries had a powerful ally in France and RUSSIA, without which the American revolution would have failed.  That Russian help twice in our history, without which it is doubtful that we would have won the revolutionary war, or the Union survived the Civil War is not taught any more in our history books. You have to go back to the histories written before the Russian Revolution to find it.

EACH period of time created different needs and strategies.  What recourse do the enemies of this powerful International Distopia have? WHO does the Modern American Revolutionary call on as an ally? 

General John Cleveland Robinson, my ancestor,
whose statue stands at Gettysburg.  BTW, my grand children think that this picture is of me in a costume. 

WHY do you think that Obama and the corporate media have spent months demonizing Putin and Russia?  They KNOW that the Christians of Russia, the Christians of America, the Christians of Brazil, the Christians Mexico, the Christians of the Philippines, represent nearly a BILLION people, and these are the people the NWO fears to most.  

How do they battle this Christian majority?  By demonizing each to the other. Do you think that Obama's turn-about on Gay Marriage was anything other than to cause the Christian Russian people to view American Christianity is apostatized?  Putin fell to the trap calling Obama the President of Sodom, solidifying that image in the Russian people's present consciousness   

So they have done all in their power to make the Christians of America fear the Christians of Mexico, and other Central and South American countries.  They are 'scum' sneaking across the border.  For Americans the Christians in Russia are not real, they are just part of  Putin's hoards, etc.  Thousand of operative of the Muslim Brotherhood (ten thousand available in the Muslim Students League alone) spend thousands of hours stirring up anti-Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Christian Fundamentalist hatred, spreading lie, after lie, after lie. Just look at the ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT's direct and frontal assault on all things Christian and Jewish! The book "ZEALOT" and the thousands of anti-Catholic and lying youtube videos. 

DIVIDE AND CONQUER CHRISTIANITY has been the PRIMARY GOAL OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER FOR THE LAST TWO HUNDRED YEARS.  They have done everything in their power to create wars between MAJORITY Christian Nations. As WE the CHRISTIAN population of those NATIONS have cooperated.

I will not raise arms against ANY Christian people on this earth. We have to come to this, else we will not survive the next twenty five years. 

WE have to THINK and ACT in the present paradigm, and that requires FIRST - FIRST - FIRST - REGAINING OUR "COMPLETE" CHRISTIAN HERITAGE.

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