Thursday, April 17, 2014

The REAL Final Solution

Time To Face The Truth Vol IV

The video below is a retired scientist who formerly worked at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a Federally Funded Research and Development Center founded by the University of California in 1952, primarily funded by the United States Department of Energy and managed and operated by Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC, whose main function has been the development of "energy weapons" and "energy weapons systems." They have been at the forefront of the "Star Wars" technology, which has been subverted for the empowerment of the New World Order. She is a life long DEMOCRAT, a LIBERAL, and even served on the BERKELEY Community Environmental Advisory Commission from September 6, 2001, until her termination on January 4, 2006, due to her exposing to her own satisfaction, the hoax of Global Warming.

This is a wide-ranging, "casual talk" she gave in 2007, exploring the criminal conspiracy/enterprise (sometimes called simply "the enterprise" or "the Company" i.e. CIA and Globalist Corporate interests combined, 
whose goal is world domination called, Globalism) that owns the American Government, the E.U., etc. Notice that as a Democrat she uses the exact same mindset and phrases of language about George W. Bush and his inhumanity and treason that we conservatives have LEARNED to use about Barrack Obama. And guess what, SHE WAS RIGHT, as we are right today. A witness to her honest seeking for truth, she has as clear and truthful vision of Obama as she did of George W. and indeed Clinton and the Bush Family, evidenced by lectures and interviews she gave of later date.

Few conservatives I knew in 2007 could have endured this speech. I had to be very careful to whom I spoke openly because the blow-back was passionate and brainwashed insanity. Today I'm hoping there are more people awake who have snapped out of the 911 hysteria and know that 911 was a highly sophisticated Psychological Operation called a False Flag, designed to rob them of their last strains of Liberty. I hope at least the majority of the Constitution/Patriot/Militia Movement understand the facts she speaks. Not everything she posits is true, but 95 Percent of it is true and at least 80 percent of "normal conservatives" even today are CLUELESS. They believe the official version of 911, think the Patriot Act was good and needed, and think that voting is going to solve this. These people are simply hypnotized or idiots.

What is the thing that voting is not going to solve? It is simply the fact that at this point in history we are well into World War III - the REAL "Final Solution." It isn't a war between nations, although such conflicts are "contrived for purpose." Rather it is a war by the Powerful Elite against WE THE PEOPLE, against ALL the common people of the earth, through the use of economic slavery and instruments of war and subversion by National Covert and International Governmental Bodies. (Globalist Deep State)

“World War III will be a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation” so said, Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher of communication theory, thirty years before the internet was invented, stated at the time he predicted the internet. We have been there IN World War Three for some time. What is the purpose of this War on WE THE PEOPLE? It is nothing short of the REAL Final Solution, GLOBAL GENOCIDE. You need to tattoo WWIII/Global Genocide on your chest backward and read it in the mirror every morning so you can properly understand the events of recent history and the decade or two ahead.

Without this knowledge:
(1) The goal = global genocide
(2) NO GOVERNMENT REPRESENTS YOU. They have become the Instruments of Genocide.
(3) All commercial media and every professional commentator in that corporate media are disinformation officers in service to the people who intend to kill you outright or at the least greatly shorten your life, make you, your children and grandchildren infertile and sickly.

I truly wish I was an insane, raving madman, and that nothing I've suggested here were true! I would very much enjoy my therapy as I slowly came to realize that we are NOT in the first stages of the Great Tribulation. But if you dare look behind the Curtain of the Wizzard, the reality of this WWIII OZ will become all too glaringly clear. 

(Note: If what is in the video below seems totally unbelievable, click on this link and read and watch all the links.  You will come away with a different opinion.   Twin Towers of Truth.)

(Note: I do not endore Lauren Moret as a reliable source on every issue, to put it mildly. But here at least 80% of what she says is absolutely true.)

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