Friday, April 18, 2014

Time to FACE the TRUTH! Vol. I

I'm an Orthodox Christian, a sinner, but not a heretic.  I believe that Truth is the most important virtue, and by comparison, I am besieged by a world of lies.  A World warped by the Father of Lies, a Murderer from the beginning, as Jesus, who IS Truth Taught me.  This understanding gives me DISCIPLINE to face what is TRUE, whether the truth is dreadfully painful or pleasant. Via THIS Truth the failures in my own life are viewed without excuse, they just are as they are, I can't change them. They record a man decade by decade coming to more sanity, caught progressively in less of the Luciferian matrix of LIES.  The ultimate result being Faith, Hope and Love, the greatest virtue being the Love of Truth.  

So many of my conservative and religious friends claim to love truth, but hide away in the fabric of the LIAR and Murderer, the dis-information matrix he uses like a narcotic to comfort them and herd them.  Sadly too many for too long believed him to be their friend. A great many, maybe the majority, still do. They hate the name Lucifer and Satan, but love the consciousness he provides them.  They actually are willing to sacrifice the destruction of the immutable Laws of Nature, God Ordained Laws of NAture, to NURture and protect the mythology they have been CONDITIONED by the Liar and Murderer to believe.

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