Saturday, April 19, 2014

Judge Andrew Napolitano & His DHS Security Letter.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND every time the Judge says, "WHAT IF" the statement he supposes IS ACTUALLY TRUE. He uses the ruse "WHAT IF" to dance on the extreme edge of violating the DHS Security Letter, which is really a demand that all media personnel and politicians accept the OATH of OMERTA, (oath to remain silent in a criminal conspiracy) which makes them participants in that Criminal Conspiracy that destroyed our Constitutional Republic and perpetuates the present state of techno-slavery.

What he says is absolutely true; he skirts right up to the edges of the REAL STORY, but his speech is left without foundation because in fear of a 500K fine and indefinite imprisonment without trial, he won't NAME that foundation, which is the mass of legislation compiled with stealth over the decades granting the creation of a Totalitarian Police State, when a Declaration of National Emergency is declared. WE HAVE BEEN LIVING IN THAT EMERGENCY POWER TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE FOR TWELVE AND A HALF YEAR! In this Totalitarian State, no "seeming" Constitutional or Political Processes are REAL. They are controlled for SHOW, to give the illusion of legitimacy to an illegitimate ROGUE and CRIMINAL STATE.

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