Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Benghazi Kidnapping Plot - Obama/Morsi Co-Conspirators

Well, well, well. LOOK AT THIS. This was my immediate take on Benghazi and I wrote about it on my blogs in September 2011, about a week after Benghazi. 
I said: 
"Taking the overview, and realizing the trial balloons Obama has floated about releasing the Blind Sheikh, on "humanitarian grounds" and the fact that Morsi has made the release of the Blind Sheikh the focal-point of American/Egyptian Relations, this was obviously a foiled Kidnapping Attempt, a conspiracy between Obama and Egyptian President Morsi (two Muslim Brotherhood brothers) to have an American Ambassador (Stevens) to exchange for Rahman. It was planned before the election to make Obama look like a person who can deal with Radical Islam, and make Morsi a Egyptian National Hero, and in fact hero in the entire Sunni Arab world, since the Blind Sheikh is the foremost Koranic Scholar of Sunni Islam, former professor at Cairo University. Had this happened successfully, it would have removed all possibility of the Egyptian people ever throwing off the bondage of MB Sharia Slavery."

Now anyone who thinks I'm nutz, (and a lot did at the time) listen to 

Admiral James Lyons come to the very same conclusion.

Please note* What Admiral Lyons does not understand is that the niggling attacks on the British mission, the Red Cross, the U.N. mission etc. in Benghazi, was nothing but the Obama/Morsi Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy forces clearing Benghazi of WITNESSES. The fewer westerners and indeed European foreigners in Benghazi, the easier it would be to claim that a riot went out of control, because of a video, and ended in the kidnapping of Stevens.

Lyons actually shows naivete concerning the depth of Machiavellian strategy at work here. Except for two American Heroes, former special forces, then CIA contractors who said, "Hell no." That Machiavellian plot would have worked and we would be living in a very, very different world at this moment.  The Europeans would still think Obama some sort of messanic figure, instead of the swarmy, Muslim Brotherhood Traitor he is.

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