Saturday, April 19, 2014

You Better Seek Professional Help - Really?

The Corruption of the Mental Health Profession has become part of Operation Genocide inside the U.S.

I never watch commercials and limit my T.V. viewing to two hours a day, with the exception of EWTN.  But even at that I've not missed the massive drug company advertisements of the latest "happiness" drug, for arthritis, depression, etc. . It always instructs you to "ask your doctor about prescribing it" and always has a massive "legal disclaimer" most times as long as the commercial that usually names horrible side effects of the wonder drug which usually includes, seizures, major organ failure and even death! I always asked myself, "How could they sell ANYTHING that way?"  I was in the piano business years ago and I can't imagine saying to a customer, "Listen to this wonderful Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano. Isn't that sound wonderful!  But I have to caution you that a possible side effect of listening to this wonderful instrument for any length of time is debilitating seizures, vital organ failure, deafness and possible death."  That statement is exactly analogous to these death drug commercials.  Could I have ever sold a single piano? Then NO, now . . . well Maybe?

If the culture of death were not already embedded in the public's mind, if a great number had not already been zombified, how could it be that hearing such a commercial the person would actually follow-through and actually ASK their doctor for a maiming, killing poison?

More people are killed in overdoses of prescription drugs than die in traffic accidents now -- about 17,000 Americans every year. 
The most damning of these drugs are psychotropics, which is legally prescribed mind altering drugs. But that statistic as shocking as it is doesn't include suicides by gun. There are roughly 32,000 gun deaths every year in the U.S., and sixty percent are suicides. How many of those suicides are on psychotropics? How many of those who commit manslaughter and murder are on psychotropics? Of the 17,000 killed in auto accidents, how many were on psychotropics? You see it is very obvious by common sense that mere drug overdoses do not account for all the carnage of psychotropic drugs.  This video is their story and the damning of the so-called profession of psychiatry. 

When I see American Clergy yielding to the killing humanism of the "mental health profession" and actually suggesting someone see a psychiatrist, actually sending their sheep to these  greedy, genocidal monsters, my stomach turns, my heart breaks and I say, Lord, Lord, PLEASE come quickly!

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