Friday, April 18, 2014

Genocidal Chemical Dumping

Time To Face The Truth Vol. V. 
You think Geo-Climate Engineering is a fantasy? 
You think Chem Trails are a fantasy? 
If you do, please excuse the judgement, but you are an IDIOT. 

Here is testimony before the U.N. about the nature of bio-engineering via chemical dumping. If you can't believe your own eyes, listen to the expert testimony.  Also remember the catastrophic honey-bee loss in the last few years. The most probable culprit, Chem-Trails.

On threat of death this expert has recanted her testimony.  Did you notice the delegate laughing at her?

If you can't understand the motive for this suicidal action by the international government, please read
The REAL Final Solution

A friend frustrated with the ridiculous arguments made against the reality of Chem-Trails, the so-called bio-engineering which is really one tool of the global genocide, said, "I try to see both sides of any issue. And I see the chem-trail deniers using all sorts of really stupid arguments to try an debunk the reality of what is happening. How can it be? Any Empirical investigation will show you the reality of the aluminum content spike in the tributaries and lakes, the sample from the bark of dead trees, etc." 
Another friend answered him, "Well, these deniers are really government shills, creating a smokescreen . . . . " etc. I really wish that were true, but it is not. Yes some VERY FEW are, but . . . 

A great portion of the population has already been "zombie-fied." They are already UNABLE to accept, process and/or retain new information. Aluminium poisoning is the primary cause of early onset dementia, and the first symptom of that is the inability to process and RETAIN, new data. These people will entertain and accept amazing new data, and in a day or two, even shorter periods of time have no memory of it. They have been zombie-fied. 

All the people who continue to harp about "Constitutional Governance" when the Empirical Evidence is Clear and Complete that the Constitutional Republic IS NO MORE, yet day after day they hack-out articles about "constitutional violations" "constitutional mandates" "constitution conventions" "article V mandates" etc., etc., and grouse about Obama's "ineffectiveness." These people have been Zombie-fied. They are incapable of viewing the empirical data, recognizing the Totalitarian State, much less capable of understanding and resisting the New World Order's Global Genocide that is WELL UNDER WAY, of which Atmospheric Chemical Dumping is an important part. 

These same Zombies, keep shuffling their feet as they go though the same FAKE POLITICAL PROCESSES. And yes, THIS TIME, the man/woman they elect is going to make a difference . . . despite the fact that the ELITE tally the votes electronically and that via an empirical study covering the last decades, by Princeton University, it was proved that "THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE" has had NO influence on governmental policy for DECADES. Yet, they continue, fielding candidates and expecting different results. 

Are you alive, capable of looking up and seeing the unnatural sky? Or are you already a Zombie?

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