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Global Warming Debate - Not Climate Change

We are all familiar with the fact that when Man-Made Global Warming was exposed a few years back as not only bad science but FAKE science, with many of the "scientists fraudulently manipulating the data" the Marxists changed the BIG LIE mantra from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" which is far less difficult to prove (since the climate is changing) and for more difficult to debunk, (since the climate is changing). The Marxist agreement was called "The Paris Climate Change Agreement," not the Paris "Global Warming" Agreement.

Now notice in the media how when Trump removed us from the Paris Agreement, ALL the discussion has reverted to "Global Warming." They can't make an argument on Climate Change since the earth's Climate has ALWAYS BEEN CHANGING. We have fertile lands where there were deserts and deserts where there were fertile lands and this in JUST the time of recorded written history. We know that the climate change shifts were more pronounced in periods older than that.

If you wonder why I have not engage in the "Climate Debate" this week, it is because I am thoroughly BORED with it. The harping on the BIG LIE by the Marxist/Capitalist Globalists and people responding with passion on both sides of the LIE is just BORING. We have been at it for 30 years. It has all been a LIE. As Trump repeatedly said, "Everything in Washington(DC) is a lie."  Well, every Globalist pronouncement is also a lie.

Man Made Global Warming has been thoroughly disproved. Here were the facts I recorded six years ago, in 2011 and they have not changed.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA: At Least That Is What Glen Beck Thinks.

Let us begin with a simple and important truth, that being that Truth most certainly does have an agenda and that agenda is the survival and well-being of humankind. This is as certain as the fact that Lie has an agenda, the harming and ultimate destruction of humankind. One is life engendering, the other life destroying. If you do not understand this basic premise you don't understand even the custodial care of the mentally ill, who having become so removed from Truth they are no longer able to make choices for their own survival.

Let us take the issue of Global Warming as an example of our battle between truth and lie.

First, there is nothing right wing or left wing about objective evidence. Data is data, it does not have a political will or prejudice. If it is indeed objective evidence then it is proof and not fantasy. If you read my article on Education (How We Think Determines What We Think: The Devolution of Education in America) you will understand the next paragraph. The need to "believe" in Global Warming reflects not just a simple flaw in character or blind spot that could be easily corrected by hearing the truth. It is the result of developmental conditioning, embedded deep into the psyche.

The global warming mythology calls on "the self assurance-feel good response" (I'm a nice person; I care about the environment), what the Behaviorist call "belongingness." Those so programmed clung to that feeling of self-worth created by adherence to the mythology to the point that when the vast majority of the raw data was exposed to have been manipulated, they couldn't believe it. All they could do was demonize the people pointing out the error. Why? It is mental disorder called cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is simply the emotional clinging to false ideas. You love the idea so much you cannot let it go.

When it was proved that there had been no consistent temperature-measuring to the accuracy they were trying to extract from the data, over the periods they were examining, it was ignored. (I speak of the reliability of primitive measuring devices and their location - the effect on them in changing local environments.) But the people pointing out the objective facts were demonized. Why?

When NASA admitted that from actual satellite observation measurements, that the amount of heat that is radiated from the atmosphere into outer space was far greater than any of the climatological models suggested, they ignore it. Why? Same reason.

This fact alone totally destroyed the theory of "greenhouse effect" upon which Global Warming was constructed. (Notice that they never use the term Greenhouse Effect now when it was the constant mantra for YEARS. ) But by this time "science" (read that again) "The science" had become so completely removed from objective observation and fact (that is removed from Truth) that the NASA scientists actually sat on the satellite data for more than three years fearing to release it for fear of being savagely attacked by the "scientific establishment" and the media, and having their funding gutted by the administration! It wasn't until Obama gutted their funding anyway that they released the objective findings. Absolutely amazing!

If the population could be so violently and blindly pro-Global Warming that they could not entertain this clear contrary data, how much less could they entertain the ideas that there were more subtle defects in the theory; like that the various climatological models did not agree, or the idea that there still at this late date might be factors in the regulation of the earth's atmosphere of which we know nothing. This isn't merely stubborn narcissism; personal obtuseness. This is the masses being mind-controlled and manipulated by the elite.

Creating a malleable population has been a long range project of the Progressives. (Read Cultural Marxist Globalists) They have been at it for more than one hundred years and totally in control of education K thru *.* for the last forty years. (Again I suggest reading the article mentioned in paragraph one)

Some people believe that the problems in America and the world would be solved if only the right and the left would meet in the middle, what I call "the blind and stupid radical middle." To create the blind middle is the job of the left/right Hegelian Dialectic Con Game, the Globalist use to herd us.

One has to ask: How could "finding the middle" possibly helped in this confidence-game that has been the conspiracy of Global Warming? What agreement is possible with an agenda that is totally false? Would we really be better served by ceding any part of belief to a totally unproved theory or a programmed lie?

Those educated in our public school system in the last 40 years are likely to argue that "truth is relative, based simply on the perceptions of the individual person and that person's perceptions have no ontological basis." (This is the philosophy known as "Philosophical Relativism - in its radical form Solipsism) This is really an amazing premise, especially when the same people were screaming red-faced about Global Warming, saying "the SCIENCE is settled" as if that was an objective truth. Faced with the DATA, they cling to the mythological (FAKE) Science.

In this instance (and many others) one cannot place on par those on the right who "don't want to believe" and those on the left "who will believe no matter what." This is a spurious paradigm and part of the propaganda Al Gore pushed to our school children. "Your parents are old, they don't want to believe." This is a relativistic argument of equivalency between truth and lie, ignoring the reality of objective truth. It says "my truth is not your truth; your truth is not my truth, but somewhere in this muck of illusion and miscomprehended we must have common ground." Really? Common ground with a lie? It cedes to the Progressives the "idea" of truth when it is not the truth. It eliminates the possibility that objective observation might favor one side of the argument over the other, not withstanding ones political bent or agenda.

What that perception fails to grasp is that so called 'right wing' folk are likely to accept what is proved true. This was seen in the support for the original clean air and clean water acts. (As Trump recently asked, "Who doesn't want clean air and clean water?") This was objective; the places where the air and the water were in difficulty were observable; (and still are today like China and India) and where not observable to the human eye, "upon reason" the conservatives were willing to accept the readings of scientific measurements as to what part contaminants were in the air and water. I'm not speculating, this is what happened. Everyone supported cleaning up the air and water and I could give many other examples of "conservative clarity."

Let us remember that manipulation via pseudo-science isn't new. When in the 1950s Progressivists tried to panic people into belief in extremely limited natural resources, few rational people believed them. In the 1950s we were taught that by the late 1970s humankind would have used all the oil on the planet. You see, we were the parasites sucking the planet's life blood dry. When in the 1970s the Progressivist  began to try to panic people into enslaving laws by proffering the idea that "if we ALL (humankind) didn't do something quickly" we were about to enter a new ice age. (Yes this happened - the attempted panic not the new ice age.) Rational people were skeptical. Why? Because they knew the elite (read Utopian Planning Progressivists) had moved from the "realm of the objective" to the "realm of utopia creation." "We've all got to work together to keep this from happening"; meaning, more government, more centralize control, less individual rights, less national sovereignty.

Seeing their failures with "limited oil supply" and the fear mongering about a new Ice Age the Progressives were more patient with global warming. They tried to condition an entire generation to believe it with a massive propaganda program, financed by what came to be known as "Crime Inc." Al Gore was commissioned to make a movie, the establishment lauded the movie, heaping awards upon it. Billions were spend on advertising and sending propagandists into the public schools as special guest speakers. Countless classroom hours were wasted on the subject. Textbooks were skewed to reflect this mythology. Meanwhile behind the scenes Crime Inc. set themselves up, creating with Chicago Mafia money the "Carbon Bank" in which a who's who list of Progressivist politicians and activists stood to earn hundreds of billions, potentially trillions of dollars.

Unaware of the criminal conspiracy, people of reason were willing to entertain the "possibility there was actual Global Warming." All they asked was credible objective proof. However, the first time a major piece of evidence was ignored by the "people of science" the people of reason recognized that the plot at work was yet another utopia creation effort, (Globalism) meaning more centralized control, less liberty, less individual rights, less national sovereignty, more international control, more distribution of wealth through carbon taxation and credits etc. It was a global, U.N./New World Order/elitists campaign for one world government on a Marxist model and nothing less. Now the lines are drawn with more clarity.

Young folks, I'm speaking to you, since you are the ones who will have to fight this battle. Global Warming is just one of the cons the Marxists have devised to take control of America and destroy Constitutional Rights and Liberties. If your generation wants to preserve American freedom, you've got a lot of remedial learning to do, because your "educators" have not only failed you, but as psycho-political manipulators, they have taught you LIES, like the Big LIE of Man Made Global Warming. Before one can engage in that remedial education process, one has to come to understand how easily one is manipulated by virtue of one's own "education via conditioning." Please read my article on Modern Education mentioned in the first paragraph. You see, instead of an academic education capable of teaching critical thinking, if you are a product of public education and the mass media you are/were "conditioned by your education" instead of being educated. Without true academic education you are at the mercy of the "experts." You are like supplicants awaiting the next pronouncement from the Priestess at Delphi, or the tribesmen, awaiting the words of the shaman. The assaults on our freedom by the Progressivists are complex and multi-layered and Man Made Global Warming/Climate Change is just one front in a multi-front war. 



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