Sunday, April 3, 2016

Allen West Promoted To Captain Obvious.

Not sure whether being promoted to Captain Obvious is a step up or down for Allen West who has been a completely uncomprehending dullard the last 9 months, until just very recently. So now he is saying:

“Well, I don’t know where people are getting Trump cannot win when yet he keeps winning. Look at the massive amount of Democrats that are changing their registration over to Republican because they feel that that party has left them and they’re voting for Donald Trump. So to an extent he is right, he is uniting people. You’ve got to allow the will of the people to be heard, the voice of the people to be heard. Because, if people start to believe that there’s some shenanigans and backdoor deals that are going on such as that Sea Island, Georgia, not so secret meeting, there will be a revolt.” - Lt. Col. Allen West 

But NOTE the anachronistic language, "if people START to believe" . . . we know damn well the delegate stealing and election rigging has already happened in multiple states. 

We are not STARTING to "BELIEVE" anything, we KNOW from existential evidence, objectively and rationally gathered. We are not dumb beats, we have seen the public pronouncement of the RNC and many GOP Party bosses. 

Further more, we don't give a flying fart about "being heard."  RATHER WE DEMAND that the WILL of the WE THE PEOPLE be respected and FOLLOWED, so we don't have to TEACH YOU the NEED to Respect it and FOLLOW it. This is our message to the RNC/GOP Bosses, we are showing up in Cleveland TEN MILLION STRONG. You will have to overcome the fear for your own safety to cheat us in Cleveland. 

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