Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cleveland Trump REVOLUTION - How and Why.

We all know Einsteins definition of insanity, and we witnessed it again on 4/5/2016 in the State of Wisconsin. "Endlessly repeating the same processes, expecting different results."  The primary process has become an exercise in nostalgia, removed from reality and any power in the present, except the power WE THE PEOPLE are willing to give it.  We have to move it OUTSIDE it's corrupt rules process.  It is time for some flesh and blood TRUE, democracy.  You see, we have lost not just our legitimate election process, we have lost our Republic and nothing but a Revolution is going to restore it. Hopefully it can be a peaceful one, piggy backed upon a corrupt party apparatus, that is crushed in the process. 

I'm serious, we have a chance to make it happen. 

I think part of the problem I have with people waxing nostalgic about a defunct Constitution of a defunct Republic, and the merits of defunct parties, in a defunct and FAKE election process, is the CERTAIN realization that we only have the present. 


WE do not have the past and we do not have the future. WE cannot recreate the past and bring it forward into the present no matter how much time and energy we expend trying to do so.

THOSE things fitted for the past, pass away in their own future, which is still the past to us.  WE know they are dead, because we can lay them out on the table of history and anatomize them. We can examine and measure every violation and wound our late Republic endured, and the neglect of its health by people who thought the Republic God-Gifted and Immortal.  We can argue about which particular wound, or collections of wounds, was fatal, but what we cannot deny is the loss of the necessary biological processes that signify LIFE. What we have left is not Biological Function but Putrefaction. This is ABSOLUTELY TRUE vis a vis American Constitutional Governance and our Two Party System.   

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TODAY, American Constitutionalism exists ONLY IN NEO form.   Those people whose every-other word is "Constitution" and "constitutional violation" are lost in a time warp. They are members of an anachronistic acting society.  That is all both houses of Congress are anymore, an anachronistic actors guild, used for PsyWAR purposes.  

WHY is this important to grasp? BECAUSE, the TOOLS that were used against King George, and the TOOLS that will prevent our own genocide, or Marxist/Sharia Slavery, are DIFFERENT now, though the principles needed for the WAR are the same.  

THINK! What can a musket and militia accomplish against a Globalist Cartel of Unified Power that owns all the Central Banks in the West, and most in the rest of the world, that print money out of thin air, and sell to governments at interest. That has complete control of our Government through a FAKE two party system.  A power structure that owns all the media and controls all the content of that media, T.V., Radio, Books, Magazines, and most of so-called alternative media via the web.  That power structure has the U.S., the E.U., and the Common Wealth Nations in it clutches?  Those muskets were modern weapons.  Our fire arms are not. We need more. 

The American Revolutionaries had a powerful ally in France and RUSSIA, without which the American revolution would have failed.   Russia helped twice in our history, without which it is doubtful that we would have won the revolutionary war, or the Union survived the Civil War.  This is not taught any more in our history books. You have to go back to the histories written before the Russian Revolution to find it.

EACH period in our history created different challenges to our liberty and strategies to keep our Liberty.  What recourse do we, the enemies of this powerful Globalist Distopia have? WHO does the Modern American Revolutionary, the Liberty Lover, call on as an ally? 

General John Cleveland Robinson, my ancestor,
whose statue stands at Gettysburg.  BTW, my grand children think that this picture is of me in a costume. 

A Brave leader has stepped forward, and too many, so called Patriots are greeting him with the revulsion shown General Washington by the Royalists or President Lincoln by the Slave Owners.  His name is Donald J Trump and again in our history, we may have an ally in Russia.

WHY do you think that the Muslim Obama and the corporate media have spent years demonizing Putin and Russia?  They KNOW that the Christians of Russia, the Christians of America, are natural allies, who face identical enemies. They FEAR us uniting in purpose, because THEY are the enemy. 

How do they battle this Christian majority?  By demonizing each to the other. Do you think that Obama's turn-about on Gay Marriage was anything other than to cause the Christian Russian people to view American Christianity is apostatized?  Putin fell to the trap calling Obama the President of Sodom, solidifying that image in the Russian people's present consciousness. But was he wrong? No.   

For Americans the Christians in Russia are not real, they are just part of  Putin's hoards, etc.  Thousands of operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood (ten thousand available in the Muslim Students League alone) spend thousands of hours stirring up anti-Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Christian Fundamentalist hatred, spreading lie, after lie, after lie. Just look at the ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT's direct and frontal assault on all things Christian! The book "ZEALOT" and the thousands of anti-Catholic and lying anti-Christian youtube videos, and memes floating constantly floating across the World Wide Web

DIVIDE AND CONQUER CHRISTIANITY has been the PRIMARY GOAL OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBALISTS, FOR THE LAST TWO HUNDRED YEARS. (Actually nearly 500 years.)  They have done everything in their power to create wars between MAJORITY Christian Nations. As WE the CHRISTIAN population of those NATIONS have cooperated.

I will not raise arms against ANY Christian people on this earth. We have to come to this, else we will not survive the next twenty five years. 

WE have to THINK and ACT in the present paradigm, and that requires FIRST - FIRST - FIRST - REGAINING OUR "COMPLETE" CHRISTIAN HERITAGE.  But if we cannot accomplish that, then at least we need to come to understanding on several essentials so that we may at least unite politically, as Donald Trump has suggested.  In America, a politically united Christianity would simply rule. Not a theocracy, but also not an anti-Christian secularist state.  G.K. Chesterton famously said, "Only Christianity can create a secular society in which both the Christian and Pagan may safely play."  Meaning that Christian honor the rights of others that are not harmful, to health and safety.  Muslims have no history of such tolerance.

Next we have to realize how the Globalists have use the broken pieces of Christianity as a weapon against itself.  The Globalist Puppet and Evangelical Ted Cruz and his fanatical followers, is a wonderful (as in clear) example of this.  The reality of it is quite horrible since it is serious religious bondage and delusion.

What weapons do we have?

The FAKE Wisconsin primary proved that there are no true democratic processes left in that state or at least that the state GOP has proved it is a Criminal Enterprise parading as a political party. We have seen the same thing in other states, and on a grand scale with the Republican National Committee.  These people have become ENEMY to us. Rather than seeking the will of WE THE PEOPLE, they have been energetically seeking to thwart the will of WE THE PEOPLE.  They are OPENLY stealing from us. There is no way, that Trump packs in crowds many times that of Cruz and loses to him by 20 points. It simply did not happened. But now they are so bold in their thievery that they are rubbing the fraud in our faces.

FACT - Trump did not lose Wisconsin.
FACT - Trump and his Movement in Wisconsin were ROBBED.
FACT - Exit polling all day showing a Trump landslide cannot in the REAL world end in a Cruz landslide - IT DID NOT HAPPEN.
FACT - It has NOTHING to do with politics, iissues, interviews, scandals, twitter wars, PACs, bias media coverage or even the millions of dollars in negative ads.
FACT - none of that stopped Trump or his supporters from VOTING a Victory.
FACT - It is simply FRAUD.
FACT - We were simply ROBBED.
The question now is, are there democratic processes left anywhere in this Omni-Surveillance National Emergency Globalist Police State? Without them, they are begging revolution because we will not be taken for Idiots, and we will not STAND DOWN. Any president elected by such fraudulent means is an ENEMY of the American People. This last fraud in office has proved he is an enemy of the American people. Yet, another? I don't think so, not without blood running in the streets.

I have often challenged saying, "When was the last time that a criminal government relinquished power, because peaceful people VOTED for it."   The answer is NEVER and we are foolish to think our Liberty will simply be returned to us without a fight.

The question is:

How long are you going to tolerate the globalists through their Puppets, like Ted Cruz and the Bush Crime Family, and the Clinton Crime Family and the rest keeping you enslaved to their corrupt system, while they destroy your nation? While they destroy the promise of your children and grand-children?

They have created a fascist system, a FAKE Republic, with FAKE elections.  It is time we take our POWER BACK!

So technology has improved where they no longer need leather and iron to hang the slave collar on you. Instead they use lying voting machines and lying PsyWAR agents parading as the "free press" and "polling organizations." If we are to restore the Constitutional Republic, 10 to 20 MILLION people have to turn out in Cleveland and wipe the self-confident and mocking smiles from their faces. 

The Egyptian people showed us how to do it. In a nation of only 67 million people, 33 million of them stood in the streets of their two major cities and SHUT THEM DOWN for three weeks.  All we have to do is show up in such great numbers that the criminals do not DARE rob us of the POWER of our VOTE.  SCREW the arcane and sleazy party structure!  THIS IS AMERICA and the VOICE of WE THE PEOPLE WILL BE HONORED, or their corrupt system will come tumbling down by other means.  CLEVELAND COUNTER-REVOLUTION 2016!

My message to the RNC/GOP remains the same. You are going to need all that extra security you have ordered, and MORE. God help you in Cleveland.

The POWER of the PEOPLE is STRONGER than the people in power.  

Come Walk the Plank of Liberty with me.  It is easier than you think.  Why?  

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