Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trump's Massive New York WIN.

Make no mistake. Donald Trump's Massive WIN in New York exposes ONCE AGAIN what is unique about the TRUMP MOVEMENT. Trump won decisively EVERY demographic. This cannot be stated too loudly or too many times. Again, Donald Trump won decisively and in some cases MASSIVELY, EVERY demographic.

Once again he disproved the lying meme that his supporters are uneducated.

Trump won the largest percentage of people with post graduate degrees.
Trump won the largest percentage of people with college degrees.
Trump won the largest percentage of high school graduates.
Trump won the largest percentage of high school drop-outs.
Trump won the largest percentage of medical professionals.
Trump won the largest percentage of women, old, young, and middle aged.
Trump won the largest percentage of men, old, young and middle aged.
Trump won the largest percentage of Blacks and Hispanics and Minorities of all sort.

This is the EVIDENCE that MOCKS the common meme offered by BOTH the Democrats, CRUZ and the Corrupt Party bosses and the pundits of the CIAmerican Media.

Sure, in the General Election, Donald Trump is not going to win the Feminist vote, yet my sister-in-law who spent a lot of years hawking the feminist ideology has been supporting Trump since JULY, and registered as a Republican for the FIRST time in her life and VOTED Trump, last week. She's not the only feminist who has said that she will never vote for Hillary. The Famous Gay Rights Advocate Camile Paglia, who is a Sander's supporter, stated last week that if Hillary is the Democrat Nominee she would vote Trump.

Sure in the General Election Trump will not win the Black vote, the majority of the Black vote is hypnotized and will follow Hitlery like good little affirmative action slaves. However, more Blacks are AWAKE than ever before, to the facts of Globalism and the rape and robbery of our economic base. The vast majority of those blacks who are awake will be voting for Donald Trump. In the General Election the projections from many of the long time political experts say that Donald Trump will win upwards of 30 percent of the Black vote. If that is so, NO Democrat can beat him. In fact they say, 18 percent of the Black Vote would shatter the Democrat power base.

Trump will win a larger percentage of the Hispanic Vote, than did George Bush, much larger than McCain or Romney. Why? For the exact same reasons I just stated concerning the Blacks.

Whoever tells you, "Donald Trump cannot win X,Y,Z," is LYING to you. Ted Cruz spreads this lie every day, "A vote for Donald is a vote for Hillary, because Donald cannot win in a general election." As ALL things Cruz says, the very opposite is true. It is TED himself that cannot beat Hillary in a general election. But that fact is a moot point, since both Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton are Globalists. One a Progressivist Globalist and the other a NeoCon Globalist. Do you know what the difference is? The difference between them is only the set of lies they tell. In domestic and foreign policy there is NO difference in their ACTIONS and HISTORY.

Here is the bottom line. In the general election, barring some tragedy, Donald Trump will win by greater margin than Ronald Reagan or Franklin Roosevelt.

Do you realize that the ONLY opposition Donald Trump has left in the race to WINNING the Republican nomination is THEFT and THIEVES?

Freudian slip in Ted Cruz's news letter this week. All though he lost it in a Hannity interview on Monday, claiming repeatedly that he had just WON, eight states. Describing his disenfranchising of voters as "winning elections." He also described the party apparatus, and its apparatchiks as "a grass roots organization." His news letter was a little more honest.

"You see, running for President of the United States is a significant sacrifice. Only by the grace of God -- and with unwavering help from my wonderful supporters like you -- have we reached this point -- on the verge of capturing the Republican nomination."

There is a difference between WINNING the GOP Nomination and "CAPTURING" it. Ted Cruz has NO Mathematical possibility of WINNING the Republican nomination, but he hopes to "Capture it" In other words KIDNAP IT, forcibly take it HOSTAGE AGAINST the will of the majority of the voters.

While robbing the VOTERS of the power of their vote and denying the vote altogether to the people of Colorado, while the party bosses chose all the delegates, Ted Cruz is MANIC trying to convince people that he is WINNING and not STEALING.  Listen to Ted try to claim his stealing delegates is "people voting."  Joseph Stalin could not top this liar.

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