Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Another Cruz LIE: Heller v DC case.

By Guest Contributor:
Rob Mooney

FACT: Cruz did not make any arguments in front of the SCOTUS for Heller v *DC*. None. Nada. NOTHING.


He was Texas's solicitor at the time, and *was not* an attorney representing Citizen Heller v *DC*.

He never actually claims he did win that case, but he knows how he spins his tale, his IDIOT supporters *think* he personally argued that case, and that is all that matters to Lyin'Ted.

They then will swear he won that case, that he "saved the 2nd Amendment" and other nonsense. I am sure he is happy knowing he has fooled so many.

Now, when you *read* what he submitted for that case? That is when you find out he threw the 2nd amendment under the bus in his brief, which was *1 of 70* briefs, that were submitted to the SCOTUS for that case:…/uploa…/pdf/Heller_Amicus_Brief.pdf

Yes, those are his own words, in his own document, on his own website. Page 36 is where he says the federal gun laws are justified because of the commerce clause and in that appendix he lists "assault weapon" bans that he described as "reasonable regulations".

"Ted" is a piece of crap attorney/politician.

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