Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lewandowski Won’t Be Prosecuted

At the time that the CIAmerican psyops media was HAMMERING this story, and tens of thousands of psyops fake profiles on FB were spreading the MEME, I told you that Corey Lewandowski would NEVER face prosecution for this.

In fact, I exposed the fact that this "incident" was an attempted assassination by "psychotropic lobotomy" - and Lewandowski is/was an AMAZING HERO for stopping it.

Some of you will scream "conspiracy theorist" at me, but before you get too very vocal THINK about all the things I have exposed in the last months and years that have been proved by HISTORY to be ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

History will note that during this time, Donald Trump hired Paul Manifort, who not only is an expert on the arcane and larcenous RNC delegate process, the bigger story is that until 2014 he was employed by President Viktor Yanukovich, of the Ukraine, who the CIA overthrew in 2014 and had close personal ties with Viktor Yushchenko, Ukrainian President until 2010, who was poisoned, during his first campaign - pictured bottom right. I don't think this is unrelated.
Go back to before the date of this (mental) assassination attempt and look at the shape of Donald Trump's face. It was without angioedemic shock. Every image of him since has shown angioedemic shock - at first with accompanying mental dullness.

The attempt was only partly successful. The slut was not able to administer the full dose.

Trump was left mentally dazed for a period of days and played like a fiddle by the CIAmerican Media. He has now pressed his very formidable intellect "through" the drug haze and is back on point, but for a period he was mentally "flat footed." 

This link shows Fields making a mad dash to the corner of the room just before she rushed Mr Trump.  It is really a chilling video.

The evidence of the poison still shows in his visage, and is a witness of the physical assault. But IF you doubt that Donald Trump is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT BACK, take the time to listen to his speech this evening.  He covered EVERY topic he has mentioned from the beginning and in context.

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