Wednesday, April 6, 2016


By Guest Contributor,
 Kelli Mckague

Donald Trump has exposed just how corrupt our government, media, and voting process is. Our corrupt government has lead us to believe that this is a free country and WE decide by OUR VOTE who the president is. We are not going to let this farce continue.

Our history books are full of men and women who have lived, worked, fought, and died to make this country great, and to protect our basic freedoms. They wanted a place for their families and future generations to be able to live free and succeed. Our forefathers did not want career politicians. They wanted men who would serve their country for a few years then return to their farms and businesses to live the rest of their lives.

Donald Trump has opened our eyes to the fact that corruption is running through the heart of our country. Everything in Government is exactly what this country WAS NOT founded to be. The values are gone. Our moral compass is pointed south. We no longer believe that our country is great and will be better for our children.

They call us ignorant and uneducated. They say "grassroots" and the "silent majority" like we are a group of people beneath them. They are not even close. 

I have news for them. We are tens of millions in number not a group, but a political Movement that will NOT sit down, and will NOT shut up. We are the people and patriots of America who have built this country. We have worked hard and have fought for the very freedoms they are trying to take.

Just like our forefathers we will no longer be silenced. We will no longer sit still while the corrupt rule. We are taking our country back. We will return to the very values that made us a Great Nation. We want security, but not at the cost of our LIBERTY.  We want the prosperity only the Free Enterprise System can produce, the Free Enterprise system the Crony Capitalist Globalist System has crushed. We want to be ONE nation under God, not an administrative district in a Globalist Power Structure.  We want to be a nation of Liberty that the rest of the world respects and even envies. We want our country to be great again and we are going to help Mr Donald Trump Make it so.

This is why I am voting for Donald Trump.


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Kelli Mckague

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