Thursday, April 21, 2016

Celebrating the TRUMP Awakening!

A lot has happened in two years, in fact in just the last year. One year ago a friend who had been awakening since 2012,  became very discouraged and assured me that the population had grown so hypnotized and conditioned by the CIAmerican Media Mind War, that in fact all was lost and there was not hope. The Globalist were solidly in control of the dialectic and nothing outside the alternative world created by that media could be accepted by ordinary people.  I chided him for his lack of faith and perception and explained how the Globalists lost control of the dialectic because of Benghazi, and how hard they were struggling to regain control.  I also assured him that I did not know the ultimate outcome, but I did understand that at the moment the Globalists were losing. He found that impossible to believe.

Two years ago I wrote:

"Do we understand why the media meme is so easily accepted by 80% of our population?

We have generations lost. They haven't been robbed of just intellect but conditioned NOT to think. They have been conditioned to the point of being robbed of the part of their humanity that allows a "normal human" to entertain things outside of what makes them feel good. Massive SHOCK is all that can get through to them. That is the reason 911 was so effective in controlling them.

In ordinary discourse, they can't approach a subject except with the certain knowledge that they already have complete and certain knowledge. They engage in conversation ONLY to receive positive reinforcement. In short, they have lost the ability to "suspend disbelief." 

Example: If you say something to me that does not compute, or make an intellectual argument I haven't heard, maybe don't understand or partly understand, I suspend my disbelief long enough to entertain what you are saying. This ability has been conditioned out of them. They have literally been conditioned with autonomic triggers that make them passionately reject anything not already programmed in them, anything that is not part of the paradigm of their deformed and truncated consciousness. They react to new information with anger, curses, passionate rejection, scoffing etc, and FEEL moral and intelligent for doing so."
That had been the state of things for quite some time, in fact for two generations, Americans existed in a sort of self-assured fog, unable to know anything not told them by the media.  That paradigm is being SMASHED by the Donald J. Trump Movement, and I do not say by Donald Trump, but by all of us who have for years been battling the Matrix, and shocking people awake with irrefutable proofs, the hypnotized could only entertain and immediately reject as "Conspiracy Theory" an autonomic trigger installed in the Population by the Mind War.  All FACTS that existed outside of the CIAmerican Media narrative was automatically "Conspiracy Theory" and not to be entertained by "sane people."   

In those years I often quoted the prophetic saying of Saint Anthony the Great, explaining the state of our culture, "There is coming a time when men will go mad. Seeing you, they will take hold of you and say, 'You are mad, you are not like us.'" 

Truth-tellers, those "mad" by the standards of the Culture were growing in discipline and strength, exercising long dormant mental powers and paving a "ground of truth" so that when Donald Trump stepped into the public spotlight and spoke, WE were ready because WE already knew everything he was saying and many of us had the ability to say it better and with far more depth. We also recognized from the many hints he dropped, that he understood far more than he could say since he had to communicate to the least awake of our Movement, those just opening their eyes for the first time, and there were TENS OF MILLIONS of them.  

Donald Trump has quoted my writing, and others I know in this Truth Movement and stated publicly that he was shocked at how smart the people were and how much they already knew.   The Awakening has been so powerful that the Trump Movement is Growing and more people are awakening every day to the reality of Globalist Slavery and National Robbery, despite FIFTY-FIVE THOUSAND media ads, MOCKING US.  You see, when you mock, misrepresent, and lie about Donald Trump, you mock, misrepresent and lie about US. You see, WE ARE TRUMP.

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  1. Great article. Thanks for the quote by Joseph Sobran. It really made my morning. I am new to your website, sent to me by a friend.


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