Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ben Shapiro - Cruzombie

Ben Shapiro, Neo-Con Globalist Puppet and Psychological Operations Herder.

To help you understand the Globalist Mind War, you need to understand its use of the Culture War to herd Conservative Christian voters.  Here is an example of a Globalist Puppet, fighting the "Culture War" to corral conservatives on social issues, so they can be herded to support and vote for Neo-Con Globalists.  These Neo-Con Globalist claim to be fighting the same Culture War. We commonly call such people, "Controlled Opposition."[LINK] Their job is to appear to fight the culture war, while the GOP capitulates to Cultural Marxism, and to appear to fight against One World Government, while the GOP and DEMS institute Globalist Trade Deals that create Globalist Administrations to which American Sovereignty is LOST.

[Psychological Manipulation Via the Psy-Opts, Controlled Opposition - Link]

We know that Ted Cruz fits this category since he is one of the most vocal "Culture Warriors" yet one of his largest donors is a Gay Rights Activist Billionaire. (Google it) We also know that Ted Cruz is a Globalist Puppet. (Who is Ted Cruz, Really - Link). We know this fits John Kasich because he is funded by George Soros, as is a great portion of the Stop Trump movement is so funded.  So of course Ben Shapiro is a Stop Trump at any cost Puppet, who supports fellow Puppet Ted Cruz, both on the strings to the same Puppet Masters.

This makes it very hard for ordinary people to tell the difference between Traditional Conservatives vs Neo Conservatives. (Hint in CIAmerican Media, there are no Traditional Conservatives - they are all NeoCon Psychological Herders.)  

The demarcation line stated simply is that Traditional Conservatives are America FIRST Nationalists, who believe in only LEGAL immigration and Secure Borders, and Neo Conservatives work for the goal of Globalist Centralized Government, Open Borders, which they camouflage in rhetoric of "Free Trade" and "spreading democracy."

It is very hard for ordinary conservative people who see these psychological operations herders, argue the culture war, in ways in which they learn things, (a vocabulary for the culture war) and then to grasp that they are false, since they also argue for Globalism under the hidden rhetoric of "Free Trade" and "Spreading Democracy."  After all who doesn't think that Free Trade is good? We have had 40 years of brainwashing on the subject.  AND we have spent TRILLION on the Spread of Democracy, without having created even ONE single Democracy. Even though it is plain as day, for any to see, that the so-called "spread of democracy" has actually only toppled stable government and created chaos, with untold human suffering, we do not see it because the "Culture War" is so close and so passionately felt. It BLINDS us.  We have to get smart enough to battle the Culture War AND Globalism.  We have not really understood the dangers of Globalism, since its agenda has been hidden from us. IN FACT, anyone who talked about it was called "political fringe" "radicals" and "conspiracy theorists" - all terms of the Mind War.
Donald Trump is a Traditional Conservative. [LINK]  Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, John Kasich are Globalist Neo-Cons.


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