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CIA Psycho-Political Agents or Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill?

Forgive the 2012 - typo in the picture.  The Speech was June 19th 2013.
Townhall dot com, hosted an article by an arrogant morally challenged CIA Catholic Priest, making the claim that Donald Trump is mentally ill.  You see this priest has the miraculous power to diagnose from T.V. imagery.  I debunk the CIA Priest's theory and thoroughly shame him at the link above, so I will not re-write that critique for this next article, since it says nothing original. Randi Kreger, writing for Psychology Today, helps some psychologists, therapists, and counselors commit the same professional suicide, as did our dear, Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, using the exact same CIA meme generator. These two articles quote one another.  Linked at Randi Kreger's name is the "follow-up" article where she defends her professional suicide and slander, her original article is linked here.  

This is the PsyWAR in action. It is in fact Luciferian/Marxist Mind Control. If we could view the local news feeds from around the country everyday, and could compare the memes generated, and the language used to do it, you would see that someone other than the people at the local level are writing the script. 

The Luciferian/Marxists have been pushing the LGBTXYZBS agenda on us for decades.  Here is an example of what I have just stated above.

The same is true with these articles about Trump being "a classic narcissist" or "suffering from narcissistic personality disorder,"  poor dear.  You see Parrots, parrot. The same language in all these articles prove their common PsyWAR source.  (if you discover more - I am sure there are many - share them with me so we can catalogue them and better expose the PsyWAR.) Donald Trump threatens the Globalist Agenda.  Anyone who threatens the Globalist Agenda, is labeled mentally ill by the Psycho-Political Establishment.  People like me, who simply expose the truth of it, are said to have "Oppositional Defiance Disorder" - yes that is in the DSM as well.    This is the weaponization of language.
I have written much about the Marxist Psycho-Political "minders" and "herders" which is the roll Randi Kreger and those so-called professionals she quotes are playing here. Their pretended scientific premise, is based upon the thoroughly discredited, "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders." (the DSM) Trust me with this book I can hang a diagnosis of disorder upon every person I could ever meet, INCLUDING Randi Kreger, who through God's mercy I have not met. But her audacity to write as she did, shows that she herself is guilty of every aspect of this particular ailment of "Narcissistic Personality Disorder."

As for the validity of the DSM, here are two links that will disabuse you of the fantasy that it has any validity.

The LIAR Exposed - Psychiatry/Psychology = Luciferian/Marxist Mind Control:


Luciferian Marxist Mind Control  

BTW, the American Media, is today truly the CIA Media.  It is completely controlled through 5 corporations with deeply incestuous ties to the CIA, that act as CIA Front organizations, that own every media outlet, every newspaper, every magazine, every book publisher.  I explain how this was done in my video, CIA HISTORY 101. It is a three hour crash course in the creation of the American/Globalist Shadow Government.  Skip to Hour 1:02 for the beginning history of the CIA takeover of the media.

BTW, this video leaves the impression, in George Bush's words that propagandizing to the American People is illegal. That was changed in June of 2014, where the law was passed making it perfectly legal for the Government to propagandize to the American People. They can systematically lie to us with NO legal recourse, or remedy left to us.  This was the power of the Soviet State, never the right of a Constitutional Republic. 

In case you do not understand the extreme danger of this technological "monitoring" besides being "in-human" it gives the psy-opts operators, like Cambridge Analytics, the key to control your opinion by neuro-linguistics. What is then fed to you via advertisements, and neuro-linguistic "messages" even in entertainment can be custom fitted for your most vulnerable "triggers."   Read the link below and watch the videos. 

 Neuro Linguistic Programing

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