Friday, April 8, 2016

Conned Into Supporting Republican NeoCons.

by Guest Contributor: M. Glenn Baxter

I am a 70 year old American Patriot who was brainwashed into supporting Republican Candidates all my life. The true colors of the Republican Party and Democratic Party has shown up in their panic over Donald Trump. They panic because Trump in not a crooked lawyer career politician. He truly loves America and wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

“Devastation of U.S. manufacturing drives down wages, erodes the tax base and heightens inequality. Despite major gains in American worker productivity, real median wages hover at 1979 levels. Government data shows that two out of every five displaced manufacturing workers who were rehired in 2012 experienced wage reductions of more than 20 percent. 

With the loss of manufacturing, tax revenue that could have funded social services or local infrastructure projects has declined, while displaced workers have turned to ever-shrinking welfare programs. This has resulted in the virtual collapse of some local governments in areas hardest hit.”

FOX which is 50% controlled by a Saudi Prince investor is out to brainwash the public toward Ted Cruz a lying deceiver supported by Jeb and The Bush Crime Family and supported by Goldman Sachs with Sharia Compliant loans in America.

I will only vote for Donald Trump. I AM AN AMERICAN. M. Glenn Baxter 

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