Friday, April 15, 2016

Trump and the RIGGED SYSTEM.

The lame statement by the GOP/RNC this morning about them having published all the state's primary rules in October of 2015, is TOTALLY INADEQUATE. It is a haughty lecture, as if that arrogant pedantic exercise absolves them of their lying corrupt control system. It DOES NOT. They have huge nerve to lecture WE THE PEOPLE about the rules of a RIGGED system, when they have spent 40 years brainwashing the public to believe it was something honest and democratic, in which VOTES COUNTED.

I wrote several days ago:

"Be honest, how many of you believed, until this election cycle that it was only the Democrats that would steal elections and cheat the ballot box? Be honest, a show of hands. <smile> No don't embarrass yourself.

"One thing you respected about the Republican Party was that they were 'straight shooters' and respected the Will of the People over power politics and cronyism. (A Fantasy.) "

THIS WAS THE GOP/RNC BIG LIE. It was systematic and sustained BRAINWASHING. They can try to distance themselves from it and claim that some obscure notice to the candidates in October 2015 absolves them and makes them honest players, but that is SO ridiculous as to be scorned and rejected as pathetic excuse making.

Let me ask a couple of common sense questions:
(1) Under what rules did the Candidates enter the race? Answer, in many states, NOT these rules.

(2) Name the candidate that entered the race AFTER all the rule changes, which in some cases completely destroyed ALL true democratic processes in some states. The answer is NONE.

Running for president in the Republican Party has been analogous to running on shifting sand in an earthquake, your expense and energy to be swallowed up by arcane booby traps.

To be honest and open, the primary process would have required honest and open labels, which both lying Parties have NEVER USED.

Like for instance, no voting process that is NOT an "election" should ever be called an election.


Because soliciting participation in a voting scheme that is a psychological operation to give the appearance of legitimacy, that is, to give the appearance of actually expressing the will of WE THE PEOPLE, while robbing us of the power of our vote is DISHONEST. It is a CON GAME and NOT an election. When it is a backroom, elitist backdoor selection process, where the time, energy and money spent in the popular vote-gathering is rather an up the anus exercise to both the non-elite candidates and the voters, it should be labelled what it is, a Con Game and never dared to be called a Primary Election.

All have danced about at MUCH expense removed from the REALITY of the ELITE process behind closed doors. That is a CON GAME, and this is the state of the process in Indiana, and certainly was in Colorado, and also the reality of the rigged Caucus States. These are "controlled - rigged" events and NOT elections. The same applies to the Con Game run in Louisiana. 

At least GOP PIGS in Colorado were honest enough to cancel the caucus and publish their "in your face" rebuke of the people's will, with their crowing "We Stopped Trump" press release. They did us a great service, so that in defense of their action every public party insider had to IN THE OPEN confess that the system is TOTALLY RIGGED.

I and several others said in August, that Donald Trump's only hope of securing the Republican Nomination was to completely overwhelm the system with so much popular support that it would DESTROY the Rigged system. My friend Rex Christi at Libertys Thunder quickly adopted the term, SMASH, that is TRUMP-SMASH. We are closer to that happening than most people realize, but like 95% of a 50 mile hike will never get you to your destination, this 90 to 95 percent completion of the process of SMASHING the Rigged System, can never get us to our destination. The total exposing of the RIGGED SYSTEM to the light of day has been a very huge accomplishment of the Trump Operation, where even the mainstream media have been forced to use the very word, RIGGED. However, the remainder of the hike has to happen, and we cannot come crawling to the finish line and expect mercy from the "judges" because they are liars and thieves. We have to blow past it, crushing the Rigged Convention System in the process.

FINALLY, I want to remind you, that had I told you how the REAL process worked, a year ago a great many of you would have called me and others who are awake, "Conspiracy Theorists."

If I had challenged you a year ago saying, "What has the Republican party succeeded in doing in the last 30 years but year after year capitulating to Cultural Marxism and Globalism? If there is something I've missed, some great accomplishment, please share." Many of you would have given me answers that were fanciful, holding no reality. But you would have been convinced, otherwise.

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