Thursday, April 7, 2016

Republican/Democrat History in Shorthand.

Be honest, how many of you believed, until this election cycle that it was only the Democrats that would steal elections and cheat the ballot box? Be honest, a show of hands. <smile> No don't embarrass yourself.

One thing you respected about the Republican Party was that they were "straight shooters" and respected the Will of the People over power politics and cronyism. (A Fantasy.)

I know for a fact, that had I told you how foolish that fantasy was, and actually how the REAL process worked, a year ago a great many of you would have called me and others who are awake, "Conspiracy Theorists."

If I had challenged you a year ago saying, "
What has the Republican party succeeded in doing in the last 30 years but year after year capitulating to Cultural Marxism and Globalism. If there is something I've missed, some great accomplishment, please share."  Many of you would have given me answers that were fanciful, holding no reality. But you would have been convinced, otherwise. 

BTW, this question has been asked of tens of thousands of non-Trump Supporters in the last six months, and so far the answer is CRICKETS. TOTAL SILENCE.  Even those who are battling Trump cannot answer it.

I wonder how many other things I could, right now, this moment, tell you, that you would still bow to your CIAmerican Media conditioning and call me a "Conspiracy Theorist."

K.T. wrote: "I did believe that the GOP was much cleaner than the competition. Now I see that they are both cheeks on the same butt."  (I'm sure the imagery helped form this sentence. <smile> )

K.T., and any reading, it is very important that you understand that this isn't some recent corruption. No rather it is a carefully constructed "control mechanism" an "apparatus" run by "party apparatchiks" just AS the Communist party was an apparatus run by apparatchiks. They are loyal to the will of the top power structure and not loyal to the people they victimized, enslaved, raped and robbed. 

In the old soviet system, they had the one party, the communist party, and people thought there were democratic processes inside that party on the local level that created the "cooperative power" at the top. Many joined the Party apparatus as useful idiots, thinking they were contributing to the "forming of power," thinking that their ideas might be appreciated.  It was a fantasy.  It was all central control, by Party Bosses, who at the highest level selected the Dictator De Jeur. 

HERE they used the two parties, to accomplish the same structure.  It is controlled by one power structure at the top, that selects the Dictator De Jeur, under the FANTASY exercise of open and free elections.  How do they do this? Two ways, the first has been controlling the money:

This Harvard professor of Law and Ethics (now there is a mind twister) explains cogently why 132 people in the U.S. totally control the election process and select the candidates. He also explains without realizing it how the CIA controls the elections, since the CIA and the Elite are ONE. He also explains without realizing it the quandary Donald Trump causes for the election system, since he is not dependent upon the Elite for money. Anyone objectively viewing this data, would have to deny blue skies and smiling babies, to deny that the elections in the U.S. are total theatre. Mere "selections" by the Elite. Trump is a threat to this system, but no other candidate is, because they are dependent upon this system for money.

The Second is:
They used, the Right/Left Hegelian Dialectic - dichotomy, pitting the "true believers" in constant battle, left vs right, conservative vs liberal. They CREATE through the university and think-tank systems "social issues" and minor domestic issues, keeping us busy while the two parties act as one, on all Globalist security and financial issues.

You see, we argued about social issues while they robbed us, to finance their empire building around the globe. That empire is called Globalist, was called the New World Order, some still call it "the World Order" etc. How many times have you been told in recent weeks that Donald Trump "threatens the World Order."  Some like Bill Kristol have openly talked about the decades it took to "build the World Order."  You see, we are very close to their final planned step.  And that is to roll our nation into an administrative district, called The North American Union - one of seven such Globalist Districts in the World, with totally centralized power at the top, and the fantasy of self-governance at the bottom.

What I am saying is that until this election cycle, NOTHING you saw in your whole life concerning politics and elections was REAL.  But  this year it is VERY REAL, so real that the controlling apparatus and their apparatchiks have had to expose themselves, to try and save their FAKE system, from Donald J. Trump and his Movement. We have seen that the "apparatus" includes the puppets of both parties, the puppets in the News Media, the puppets in the think tanks and on and on.

This is the short hand version of our history since we were goaded into the First World War, and our economy taken over by the Globalist Banksters.

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