Thursday, April 21, 2016

Muslim Scholars - "Trump Lacks Submission"

Muslim Supremacist HATE Donald Trump and his Movement, because we will not Submit and be Dhimmis.   (Dhimmis are those non-Muslims in Submission to Islam.)  All of Europe today is Dhimmi and the last four American Administrations have tried to make America SUBMIT, to Dhimmi Status.

Let me explain something about Muslim Supremacism or as it is most often called, Islam.  I remember in 1996, following Pope John Paul II's "ecumenical" statements about "reconciling Christianity with Judaism" the Grand Mufti in Jerusalem went ballistic with anger, and ranted in an op-ed that was picked up all over the West, stating that the Christian Pope had no authority to make peace, or to create mutual reconciliation between Christians and Jews, because that power, was reserved to Islam. He stated that reconciliation was possible ONLY in "cooperation" (but he meant submission) to Islam.  

I remember (IGNORANT) American Theologians being blown away at that statement and idea and saying things like, "boy he is full of himself and his own importance, isn't he!" The thought of an authority in Islam claiming jurisdiction over the actions of a Roman Catholic Pope and the Rabbis of Judaism seemed foreign, silly and ridiculous.

But you see, he was not expressing anything personal, only expressing ISLAM. 

Now this group of Islamic Scholars are complaining about the level of support Donald Trump is getting and they see it as . . . wait for it . . . a rebellion against Islam.  Listen to the paternal tone of the statement as if OUR politics is under THEIR authority,  “We do not want this for the American people or America"  now they finish by lying saying, "which was founded on democracy, freedom and pluralism."  Understand there is NO democracy or democratic processes in Islam, no Liberty and no pluralism. So why would they appear to champion these principles, when in Islam there is only Supremacy and Submission? We will get to this answer.

Why would Islamic Scholars be upset about the level of support Donald Trump is getting in America?  

Put simply, Europe is Dhimmi - it IS in Submission to Islam.  All the so-called "counter-terrorism" battles in Europe mean NOTHING, because they have ALREADY submitted. 

This very day a man is being tried in Germany for things he said about the mass hoards of Muslim Illegal Migrants, which was no worse than what Trump has said about the same Muslim Insurgency.  He is being TRIED for it and will in all likelihood go to prison for speaking what is TRUE. The Actress Brigitte Bardot has repeatedly faced charges and been tried in France for speaking the TRUTH about Islam.

Via the Trump Movement, as an aspect of the Trump Movement, millions of people are standing up, removing the Cultural Marxist Slave Collar and Chains from their necks, (you know as political correctness) which has placed us IN SUBMISSION to both Marxist/Leninist Ideology AND ISLAM.  We are saying to both Ideologies, WE WILL NEVER SUBMIT.  "We will NEVER Submit to being treated like Ms Bardot, or the German man, facing prison or persecution for stating what is TRUE.  We WILL secure our sovereignty and use our national power to protect ourselves from ALL aspects of Muslim Supremacy called ISLAM.  We will reject both so-called moderate Muslims with their peaceful Jihad, and so-called radical Muslims with their violent Jihad. Muslim Supremacy has NO place in our Constitutional Republic.   After all, we understand that:

"There is fundamentally no difference between moderate Islam and radical Islam. They want exactly the same thing, and want to accomplish the same goals: the destruction of the Democratic way of life, and the imposition of Islam and Sharia Law. They just have two different ways of accomplishing their goal." - Dr Newt Gingrich Oct. 2011.

Trump Supporters, no matter what religion you are, no matter what race you are, you have by the tens of million signaled to the Islamic Supremacists that you are NOT in submission and you will not accept your P.C. Collar they tried to invoke with the language of "democracy, freedom and pluralism" the which you know to be a LIE and non-existent inside of Islam. You further declare that your political, moral and religious philosophies and actions are NOT in their domain to judge much less regulate.

Mirror Article from Truth Revolt dot org.
Islamic Scholar: Muslims Annoyed by Support for Trump
Tiffany Gabbay

According to a report in PT, a leading Islamic scholar claims that Muslims are "annoyed" by the amount of support GOP presidential contender Donald Trump is receiving because, after all, he is an anti-Muslim bigot. 

    Ali Qara Daghi, Secretary-General of the Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), told media late Wednesday that Trump was also using “attacks on Islam” to try and secure his bid for the White House.

    “This is really annoying us so much that he has these levels of support,” he said.

    “We do not want this for the American people or America, which was founded on democracy, freedom and pluralism.

    “His remarks are not consistent with common sense or moral values because he is not honest and exploits attacks on Islam in order to gain access to power,” Qara Daghi added.

    The IUMS is an influential but controversial organisation based in Doha. It is headed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, considered a spiritual guide to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, who were ousted from power in the North African country in 2013 and later blacklisted.

See, when a Muslim Brotherhood front group targets someone, that's a good indication the target might be on the right track.

The issue is that many American lawmakers, media outlets and pundits feel precisely the same about Trump's comments on Islam. Whether one supports Trump or not, it is simply untrue that he vilified all Muslims. Rather, he has made comments about them that, while not politically correct, are largely true or fair.

He has said that he thinks "Islam hates us," which is not an unreasonable statement given the root of Anti-Western sentiment that lies within Islam.

Following the San Bernardino terror attack last December, and in light of an incoming wave of refugees hailing from ISIS strongholds, Trump also stated that if it were up to him he would temporarily ban Muslim immigration "until we can figure this out."

This is a far cry from how his detractors represent the statement.

While helping people in need speaks to our American values, and judging people based on their religious beliefs contradicts them, it is likewise completely lawful to ban immigration by anyone from anywhere at anytime. Immigration is a privilege, not a right. And the one thing many seem to keep forgetting is that the primary role of government is to keep its own citizens safe first and foremost.

Again, there is a tendency lately to condemn statements -- any statement, even those that have merit -- simply because they come from Trump. And that, in itself, is "annoying."

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