Friday, May 13, 2016

1991 Donald Trump Audio - How Wierd Can You Get?

1991 Audio of someone who is Trump or isn't Trump (it does not matter as there is no "there, there") promoting Trump via a phone conversation:

CONTEXT -  I watched Charles Smithgall, a Billionaire, walk into my piano showroom. He drove up in a old Toyota, with a bent fender. I watched him struggle to get out of the car.  He was wearing wrinkled clothes, a shirt that had a paint spot on it, and introduced himself as Charlie Smith. I took him to be a retired blue-collar worker, in not so great health. He said he had some "unexpected cash" and wanted to buy his grand daughter a good piano. "New or Used?"  He said, "New."  I walked him to the little console pianos that were selling for about $2,000 - $3,000. He listened attentively, and then said, "I was hoping to get her a grand piano." I walked him to the cheapest grands, that were selling for about $7,000. He listened attentively and asked, "What is the best quality grand you have?" I said well that would be the Bosendorfers, they are kind of like the Rolls Royce of pianos. He pointed, "Like that one there." (Retail price $84,000.) He said, "I can only do this once, but I would like to get her a really good piano. I'm old (he was 80s) and I really would rather spent the money.  I sort of mocked saying, "But, Sir that piano retails for Eighty Four Thousand Dollars."  He said, "Well be both know it does not cost you that much. Can I get this piano for $54,000?" Thinking that he was poor (Toyota bent fender - wrinkled clothes - even his hair was not neat) I had noticed that even his hands were dirty.  I though, "Well if has suddenly come into some cash and is burning to spend it . . . " I checked my wholesale schedule and low balled the piano to him for 58K. He squealed about the extra 4 grand, and acted like that was going to break him. So,  I explained how much work breaking in a new piano was, especially a high quality 7 foot long grand piano. I threw in two years of free tuning and maintenance. He wrote me a check. It was not until hours later when I started to make out bank deposit that I realized the check didn't say Charley Smith, but Charles Smithgall. I laughed out loud, understanding how I have been played by someone who was expert at it.  Could I complain?  No, I made money, just not as much as I would have liked to.

The point is Billionaires go about under assumed names all the time, and conduct business under assumed names all the time. There is a practical reason for it. Do you think that if I had known I was dealing with Charles Smithgall, the founder and sole owner of the Georgia Pacific Company, and man who owned tens of thousands of acres of the most beautiful countryside in the N. Georgia Mountains and more in the foothills, and many times that all over the Piedmont Plateau Pine Country and a block on Peachtree Street, and a penthouse at Colony Square, and at the time the largest lumber company in the U.S., I would have low-balled a piano sale, and robbed myself of 30K in profit. IT IS CALLED THE ART OF THE DEAL. He was an expert at it. Me, not so much, he outsmarted me.

IF Trump played his own publicist, in the early 90s which is the charge, that says he is a FREAK'N genius and saved himself hundreds of thousands of dollars, while accomplishing the same result. After-all by the middle 1990s EVERYONE knew his name.  There is NOTHING weird or STRANGE about it. It is called "cunning intelligence."

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