Friday, May 6, 2016

The SHOW Congress

The power of Congress has been reduces to mere Theatre. If you do not get this fact, you need to do the research and learn why they are LEGALLY POWERLESS. This is a FACT and not "conspiracy theory."[LINK] You have been watching the Congressional Theatre for years now, believing that one thing was another. You have believed that this purely powerless theatre was still a Constitutionally mandated deliberative legislative body. IT IS NOT. It is mere theatre.

So here is a supposed "powerful" congressmen whose hands are TOTALLY TIED, whose committee subpoenas are worthless, whose charges of "contempt of congress" hold no more power than a wet fart. I take that back, a wet fart is at least shocking and causes other discomfort.

This powerless congressman, to get any truth to you, uses the opportunity to scapegoat the media, which he KNOWS is totally FAKE, he knows that it is totally CIA Psy-opts Press. But I'm non-cynical enough to believe that this man has on many occasions, skirted the limits of his National Security Letter putting on little theatrical episodes to try to get the thick-skulled and hypnotized (drugged and stupid) American people to read between the lines.

There is NO Free Press in America, you see the result today, where in lock step all the networks are floating the exact same anti-Trump memes, with the same quotes, with the same clips, with the same opinions and comments coming out of multiple mouths. IT IS SCRIPTED PEOPLE, totally controlled psychological MIND WAR Operations.

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