Monday, May 9, 2016

Donald Trump's Confusion on the National Debt

Donald Trump is not confused in the least:

Watching the Globalist Puppets in the CIAmerican Media, using Globalist Orthodoxy (read Debt Slavery) as the model to try to trash Trump's statements about the National Debt, is entertaining for those who have a clue, and has to be frightening to those who do not have a clue.

A talking Wonk on CNN, described Trump's "printing money" as him calling up the Federal Reserve Chair and demanding she issue more currency. Yes, they think we are that STUPID.

Trump is talking about calling the U.S. Treasury and having them print the money, NOT the Federal Reserve (which is a Globalist Private Institution - and means of Globalist Control through Debt Slavery). Trump is talking about busting the Fed's monopoly as John Kennedy began to do months before they KILLED him. This time more people are awake and Trump won't be so easy to set up for assassination. Anything happens to Trump blood will run in the streets and the Globalists will be hung from every tree. Listen to Bill Still explain what NO ONE in the CIAmerican Media will explain for you. In fact they would deny that what Bill says here is true and possible.

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