Friday, May 27, 2016

Trump: Lopping Off Hydra Heads

This is the power structure against which others and myself have been in OPEN Dialectical Warfare for a long time, but especially in the last year, when it became again personified in the persons of Globalist Presidential Candidates, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, The Bush Crime Family, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton and others.

Little did I know when I made this video in March of 2015, that in less than three months the Good Lord would send us a powerful ally in Donald J. Trump.

This is the power structure Trump has defeated to gain the Republican Nomination. It is important that you understand that one head of the beast he conquered was FAKE Evangelical Christianity. (Don't be insulted Evangelicals - I'm not talking about you - Not the likes of Franklin Graham, or Dr Jerry Falwell Jr, or Pastor Robert Jeffress). This fake Evangelicalism was personified in the persons of Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz, and many others. ALL of the right wing ideological Eunuchs who would convince you to vote for "holy rhetoric" coming from the mouth of Luciferian Globalist Puppets.

This power structure is Globalist, Psychotic, Distopian and at its core Anti-Christ and Luciferian. Like the famed Hydra it has many heads, many "appearances" but the same New World Order, One Centralized World Control Mechanism, GOAL. It was healthy March 2015, and had few true (or better effective) enemies except Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox. Now a year later, it is WOUNDED, screaming and flailing about, in some places in seeming death throws. In America it is creating as much chaos as possible before being thrown out of power next January. (Jihadi Immigration, Mass Violent Prisoner Releases, Race War Baiting, Marxist protests trying to create riots near Trump Rallies, Marxist regulations and programs of all sorts, Transgenderism as one example, BLM land grab as another, EPA water grab yet another, etc, not to mention the last minute International Treaties and "deals")

The Beast is not dead and its wound is not mortal. We have many more battles to go before the beast falls. And who knows, we may only cow it into submission for a period of time, and that will have to do. But at least tens of millions in America are coming to recognize what it is, and that makes holding it at bay, easier, as more and more people realize how very important this battle is. HUMANITY DEPENDS UPON HOLDING THE BEAST IN SUBMISSION. 


  1. I'm not quite ready to trust Trump.

  2. Jane you are an ignorant person who cannot distinguish between an American Business Man who actually builds things, companies and buildings, who has made a few billion dollars, vs the International Oligarch Financiers who measure their money in TRILLIONS, who OWN all the Western Central Banks, who create money out of thin air, who OWN many countries outright, who control every American Institution, and who controlled the GOP/RNC, until Trump using intelligence and his own leverage of personality and wealth to BITCH SLAP it and drag it by to this luxury cave on 5th Avenue. YOU need to wake up.



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