Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Praise Cheeses, John Hagee Endorses TRUMP.

SHOCK REMINDER for ignorant sheep:

Remember all the Blood Moon BS you all tried to plaster all over my page, all the private messages telling me how ignorant I was because I NAMED your Judaizing Heresy what it was?

Do you remember how I exposed the heresy of John Hagee and that Ugly Judaizing Rabbi, (whatever his name is) who has made a fortune selling you books.

Remember how John Hagee told you that Russia and the Muslims were going to form an alliance to INVADE ISRAEL? You know that is all the Russians think about all day long everyday. "Just how the hell can we manage to invade a worthless pile of sand with no OIL thousands of miles away." IDIOTS.

Russia has been the strongest Military power AGAINST jihad. In fact NOTHING that has actually happened was predicted by these money grubbing Biblical Fundamentalist fear mongers, and NOTHING they predicted has come true. NOT ONE WORD OF IT.

Oh, but they lead you by your FEAR, and lead you into the Camp of the Globalist Puppet and Fellow Cultist Ted Cruz. They are fundamentalist VOTE BUNDLERS for the Globalists. WAKE UP.

So I guess this endorsement of Donald Trump by the Judaizing Heretic and End Times Apocalypse FEAR MONGER, John Hagee, will get Trump the fundamentalist christian (small c) frozen in fear vote. At least the ones who can take a tranquilizer and manage to come out of their bunkers long enough to make it to the polling place.

You know, when you read a headline that says, "John Hagee says God says . . . . " you need to RUN the other way.

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  1. I watch John Hagee every Sunday, I don't see anything wrong with him. I have read the neww testament 2 times and the old testament 1 time.I don't see what he is saying wrong. He is not fear mongering he tells it like the Bible says.As far a voting, did not they vote by a crucify or let Jesus go yell whether to put Jesus to death or not. I don't understand


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