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Fr Symeon (Butch R.) a Prophet? Maybe so.

The ability to prophesy is merely being able to consume and speak the truth.  Since truth is foreign to most people in this culture when it is stated it sounds silly, challenging and/or foreign and crazy.   True prayer creates perception of truth and nothing else does.  True Prayer can create one "wise as the serpent" fully aware to the influence, plots, plans and conspiracies of those who are possessed of the spirit of the Serpent, that liar Satan.  True prayer is not mental ramblings, that in the Western Tradition of "contemplative prayer" is most times little more than soulish (psychic - of the soul) masturbation. Or is it the prideful exercise of prayer that says merely "Lord, if you would simply understand me and fulfill my wishes."  No, what I speak of are the liturgical prayers that exist outside of one's ego circle, that truly reach past a person's rational mind and soulish ruminations, that reach to the Creative Life Force of this place, this Creation, who is Jesus Christ the Creative Eternal Word of God, and is HIMSELF Truth who walked among us, and walks, still.  This Holy Spirit imbued communion in wise prayer creates wisdom and knowledge. 

I am not sharing this article I wrote four years ago to say, "Hey look at me, aren't I smart."  No, rather I want to witness perceptions that seem to be anachronistic (out of time) that exposed things that appeared unlikely but were proved in time to be absolutely true.  I know there has been a paradigm shift in the consciousness of many Americans, who four years ago were mocking me for simply telling the truth.  Many of the same people are now listening, and while they (you) are open, I want to challenge you to understand more. 
Here is the [LINK] to the original article "HERE IS WHERE WE ARE" on my blog 2+2=4.  Below I have reprinted it, with commentary pointing out some of the events proving what I said then, four years ago to be true and adding links for further reading.  Let me suggest that you try something new, and read prayerfully.  Pray this simple prayer, "Lord protect me from anything that is false, and guide me to all that is true."  Then continue reading.  

I often teach that we cannot understand what we have to do to restore Liberty and the Privacy Human Dignity and Natural Law demands, until we can answer these questions accurately.  (1) As to our culture, society, politics and governance, where are we?[LINK]  (2) How did we get here? (3) can we existentially prove our answers to 1 and 2?  Only then can we have a clue as to how to move forward and answer the question (4) What do we do now?   

The answer to number Four is multifaceted and has layer upon layer of actions that have to be taken.   Some have to be taken individually. Others have to be taken collectively.  At present we have one major action that has to be taken collectively. That is, we have to wrest the power of governance away from the Globalist Cabal that has controlled our nation for decades. We have been blessed with a non-puppet, non-globalist running for President (Trump), who is intent to Save our Nation AS a Nation and wrest the power from the Globalist Cartel.  The only way he will be capable of that is if we support him overwhelmingly in massive numbers for which political history has no precedent.  So far, we are doing exactly that. 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Here Is Where We Are.

If I'm wrong, please take the time to correct me.

This (the video below) 
is one of the best anatomizations of the power structure of the world, and the particular power structure that took over here (past tense) and has been providing us with fake election after fake election. (the fact that the election system has been totally rigged has now become common knowledge, thanks to Donald Trump) 

I had gained hope (past tense) in the Summer of 2011, that quite possibly the public was aware enough, because of the Internet, and would by overwhelming support put a person "outside the system" in office as president (that was Herman Cain - a non-politician, outside the controlled system) and that we might save our Republic. With the smashing of Herman Cain and Dr Gingrich's bid for the Republican nomination I see we are headed for yet one more fake election. (The reason I included Newt Gingrich, is that we witnessed the rigged system destroy the possibility of his candidacy.)

The control over the narrative as the primary process started proves that

(1) there is no free press left in this country. (This seemed a radical claim four years ago, but has been proved exponentially by the Trump Campaign)  

(2) the establishment is monitoring the Internet, identifying all the independent voices, and isolating them and in some cases eliminating them. (This was written two years before the Snowden Revelations, and I knew that we were all being monitored. And that the Globalist were using that information against us. I wrote this after Andrew Breitbart was assassinated, months before Tom Clancy was assassinated[LINK], Since then there was Michael Hastings assassination and others [LINK].  

 (3) the public has become so preoccupied with "entertainment" (words with friends, etc) and so disconnected from what is going on around them they are too lazy to try to understand what is really happening but instead become Beckites, Foxites, MSNBCites, O'Reillyites, Limbaughites etc., (The degree to which they were literally hypnotize by these Mind War Agents, and many other Mind War Agents has come to the consciousness of tens of millions of people for the first time, just in the last 10 months.  I was writing in detail about this Mind War for years before. Here is the re-write of an article first published in our News Letter, in 1996.[LINK]) 

 (4) The public has become so dumbed down and accepting of the normalcy bias, that when massive, massive evidence of world wide chemical dumping in the atmosphere, documented by millions of photograph, thousands of videos on every continent, from tens of thousands of sources, they yawn, look up at the chemical trails and say, "Ah, it's always been like that." [LINK]"  

(5) The public has become incapable of distinguishing between a truth telling person and a master propagandist - the Glen Beck saga proves that. Beck operated as a "diffuser of public outrage" when the Federal government took over major commerce, stomped on small business, Glen Beck rallied the anger, took it to D.C., tapped it down with sentimental platitudes and an Ecumentical Revival Service, and the told us, "violence solves nothing" "it doesn't matter who is the next president" "it is not about politics" "politics won't solve anything" "we just need to be kind to one another." Then he went to work to help the establishment destroy every candidate who was not their candidate in one of the most cynical psyopt demonstrations I've witness in my life time, by first praising and then torpedoing everone who wasn't Mitt Romney.

I stood in the circle of my sibling, in 1998 and told them, "It is over." I was speaking about real constitutional liberty. I was speaking about the most egregious supreme court decision, "The State given the right to incarcerate a felon, without trial, without due process, without charge, without warrant, without grand jury, without right of habaes corpus, AFTER he had served his sentence and in the old-real-american jargon had 'payed his debt to society."' The case was a case out of Kansas, (Kansas v Hendricks or Hendricks v Kansas) a rapist who had completed his twenty year sentence for his crime, who the state refused to release from prison. They held him ILLEGALLY while they sought legal right to hold him. He was held under pretense of his "potential" for committing a crime. It is under this precedent that the recent laws have been passed allowing the incarceration of ANYONE, without trial, without due process, without charge, without warrant, without grand jury BEFORE he actually commits a crime, merely upon the accusation that he has the potential to commit a crime. [LINK]I

told them then and anyone else who would listen, "Remember the saying, 'First they came for the homosexuals and mentally defectives. I didn't say anything because I wasn't a homosexual or a mental defective. Then they came for the Jews and the political dissidents, I didn't say anything, because I wasn't a Jew or a political dissident, then they came for me, I cried out but there were done left to hear me." This process is presently underway and has been underway in the Western "Democracies" since that supreme court decision. (Look at the Muslim Insurgency in Europe, where any citizen who dares to oppose it, is deemed a criminal.)

In the talk below, please make note of who bought "Clear Channel Radio" and who owns it now. Today it is owned by Bain Capital, Mitt Romney's company. Take a look at the Salem Media Group and see who owns them.  All of the American Media is owned or controlled by the CIA.  The "knowledge filter" that this fellow talks about has changed completely since this speech and the "knowledge filter" has become a fine tuned propaganda tool controlled by the people who have been consolidating power since WWII.  Please understand, what this fellow says in the "present active tense" all those "ing" words, are now past tense. Happened, finnished, ended, done. Folks it is over. Nothing working inside the "process" has any possibility of changing a thing. Those who care about this country have to step outside the process, endure the wrath of the system, organize and take to the streets, IF there are enough of you left.  Understand at the moment there are so-called "outside the process efforts" lead by prominent people. Be very careful. Listen to the message very carefully and determine for yourself whether they are acting as Glen Beck has and IS, as diffuser of public outrage and anger. Wise Up! [LINK]

Archpriest Symeon Elias (in the world Butch Robinson)

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BTW, the first three quarters of this video is spot on, and considering that he was speaking 15 years ago, few of you can claim to have been this awake. He over reaches in the last one quarter.

I would highly suggest that you read this link and listen to Christopher Hedges' speech.  It is an eye opener[LINK].

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