Friday, May 27, 2016


After Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe expressed her continued shock at the Trump Revolution and how he has secured the domination against all odds. Joe Scargorough stated the absolute truth of it. You remember that I have said that Trump didn't win the Republican Party, or Inherit it, like the puke Paul Ryan said, but rather that he bitch-slapped it and drug it back to his luxury cave on 5th Avenue. I have also described the Trump Movement as the end of the Republican Establishment, the end of Globalism, the end of the Dictatorship of the NeoCons, etc., etc. Of course the Collapse of the Democrat Party is next and it is already happening.

Well Joe said, "This is complete collapse of the Republican Establishment in Washington D.C. They are all scurrying to him now, scurrying. (Note* scurry is apt, since vermin scurry) I'm not sure how they get there after all they have said about him. They've said a guy is so maniacal you can't trust him with nuclear weapons like Marco Rubio said. It is going to be hard for you to go out and speak on his behalf, which Marco Rubio said he would. Ah . . But it was a collapse of the Republican Establishment, it was a collapse of the Think Tanks, it was a collapse of a lot of those Conservative Magazines, and ANY pretense that they had ANY influence whatsoever over ANYthing that happened in Republican Politics."

What he just described is the loss of the dialectic by the controlling class. If they cannot control what is said in the public square (which has been artificially replace by the CIAmerican Media) they can't control anything. But what is worse, they CONTROLLED the dialectic, COMPLETELY, except for ONE voice with enough CLOUT they could not suppress, ONE voice able to state simple truths like, "If you don't have a border, you don't have a country" "We have to stop them from coming, they are killing us" and that one voice of truth, was mocked, laughed at, ridiculed, parodied, cursed, condemned, hundreds of million spent to destroy it, and BILLIONS of dollars in air time on the CIAmerican Media spent to destroy it, Yet that truthful voice had the power to not just ignore them, but like a ninja warrior USE the energy of all their efforts.

Not only did the Globalist lose control of the Dialectic, they threw every weapon they owned against one VOICE, and LOST. So the one power structure that Trump Collapsed and Joe Scarborough did not mention was his own "establishment" the CIAmerican Media. It was POWERLESS also and even though they are still spewing out propaganda 24/7 TENS of MILLIONS now recognize it for what it is, and it has to a great extent COLLAPSED.

TAKE a further moment and watch this video, from last October (2015) and witness the same Mika Brazeznsky and Joe Scarborough acting as Cultural Marxist psy-opts masters, hoping to HANG Trump via a Politically Correct Meme, trying to take him down.  You see, when he called for a halt on all Muslim Immigration they thought they HAD HIM, and this is Mika going in for the KILL SHOT.


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