Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I could not do anything but gloat and smile as a very frustrated S.E. Cupp complained to Wolf Blitzer, yesterday afternoon,  that "somehow" Donald Trump had convinced his blind and stupid supporters, that everyone who is not for him, is "somehow part of the establishment."  

She named herself, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, others at the National Review, the Tea Party "founders" etc., etc., etc., as those maligned by Zombie Trump followers.    <smile> 

Mission Accomplished!

NO S.E. Cupp, Trump did not do that, I DID, along with hundreds of others who are awake and have understood what YOU are  and who YOU work for.  YOU are a psy-opts Globalist Puppet, who owns no opinions of her own, but spews whatever opinion is assigned you by your Puppet Masters.

I said in August of 2015 that Donald Trump was not running against the list a candidates on the Republican Ticket, and would not be running against Hillary or Bernie or whomever was the Democrat candidate.  Instead
I said that:


"Donald Trump is threatening a counter-revolution, he is running against the Globalist Elite that own the Republican and Democrat Parties, and own the Media, (Including you S.E. Cupp) that own all the Spin Doctors, like Charles Krauthammer, and Megyn Kelly. He is running against the establishment that controls the six corporations that own the T.V. and Radio Media, all of he major news papers and most of the small so-called independent papers, and 99 percent of the publishing houses; Own and Control the Federal Reserve, and all the Western Central Banks that have held our economy hostage to their New World Order (Globalist) Agenda, robbed us of Constitutional Governance, and relegated our children and Grand Children to debt slavery in a quasi-Marxist Poverty State. This ELECTION is between Donald Trump and the Globalist Criminals that control every aspect of our Government, every NGO that is pushing a Globalist agenda, from the Rockefeller Foundation, and the likes of George Soros, UNESCO to USAID. This is the first time I can say this and it be true, "This is the most important election in our life time." I know it is the most REAL election I have witnessed in my life time and I'm old."

S.E. Cupp, you are a fool.  Donald Trump did not teach us this, we learned it through thousands of hours of research and sharing information.  When Donald Trump arrived, WE were already educated, awake, informed and READY for him. Donald Trump has given us a voice.  Who is us?  Who you have called the fringe.  We are the revolutionaries who will bring down YOUR lying system.  After all the leftist George Orwell was absolutely right when he said, "In a time of universal lies, speaking the truth will be revolutionary."


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  1. Note to Rex Christi and Chris Shipler of LibertysThunder Radio BlogTalk Radio show, Sundance of ConservativeTreeHouse, Bill Sill of the Still report:

    Rex, you know it is a fact that WE, you, me, Chris Shipler, and other like minded people literally created the dialectic that Trump and the Trump Movement have adopted. For the first time in my life a Truthful Dialectic brought down "the Cultural Marxist's" definition of US. Now when they try to use the term "fringe" and so on, they themselves suffer.

    We have created also a great "shaking up" of the CIAmerican Media talking heads, where so many old stalwart pundits have lost so much credibility they have been replaced by younger, less experienced, less polished, less effective models of themselves, which is also a huge win.

    So many of their lying class, like Judson Phillips, Matt Kibbe, Eric Erickson, etc., etc., have gone to ground, hiding from the rays of truth that are destroying them.

    Chris Shipler, don't you ever forget the conversation we had April a year ago, when mass awakening seemed impossible. A Greater portion of the population are partly and completely awake than ever before in my life time. So many things that were commonly called "conspiracy theory" are exposed and accepted as REAL, and commonly discussed by people who a year ago would have MOCKED the same. And this has happened and is happening, frankly on a scale heretofore, I could only have "faith" to believe COULD happen, with no faith really that it would happen. But that faith required the resolve never to stand down, never to be silent, never to give up.

    It has been a particular joy to me, to see that we have even caused Alex Jones to bark on cue, to greatly scale back his pure CIA-FEAR MONGERING, and at least pretend to be on board. Some of the heroes of this awakening have been every impressive people. Sundance right up there with Rex and Trog, Bill Still and a few others whose light in the last year has been crystal clear and has not flickered. A truly beautiful thing for this old man to witness.


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