Friday, May 13, 2016

Trump Proposal vs Trump Suggestion

A Donald Trump Proprosal means:

definition 1:
a suggested plan. synonyms:offer, proposition, suggestionsimilar words:conception, design, idea, invitation, plan, program, prospectus, recommendation, scheme

A Donald Trump Suggestion: 
Definition One: 
the act of suggesting, or the state or fact of something being suggested. At his suggestion, we went to see a wonderful play on Broadway.He denied the importance of the earlier treaty and scoffed at its suggestion as a cause of this war.
proposal, propounding, recommendation
similar words:
Definition two: that which is verbally offered as something that might be possible, useful, helpful, or enjoyable. Her suggestion of using less air conditioning made the most sense as a way to save money.The principal listened to the teachers' suggestions for solving some of the school's problems.May I make a suggestion that might improve things?I gave them several restaurant suggestions, but I don't know where they went in the end.
offer, pointer, proposal, proposition
similar words:
SHOCK, A REGULAR SUGGESTION AND A REGULAR PROPOSAL MEAN THE SAME THING AS A DONALD TRUMP SUGGESTION AND A DONALD TRUMP PROPOSAL.  AND PROPOSAL MEANS "SUGGESTION" AND "SUGGESTION" MEANS PROPOSAL.  A suggestion is more often an oral proposal, and MOST of Trump's Proposals have been ORAL.   His tax plan on the other hand is a written proposal.  Since it is not an official proposal AS IN A BILL BEFORE THE CONGRESS, it is still a suggested tax plan.  GET IT?

Can you believe because Trump used the word Suggestion the CIAmerican Media is calling it a "reversal" and a "flip flop."   This is an example how the Cultural Marxist destroy the meaning of words. 

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