Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trump and the BULLY PULPIT

BTW: What the Washington Post is describing as "going to be the nastiest presidential election in modern political history" is CODE for the most TRUTHFUL Presidential Campaign EVER.

In this race NO FACT is off the table, NO ONE is being protected. Oh the CIAmerican Media will do all in their power to vilify Trump and Protect Hillary, but they have LOST THEIR MOJO!

Trump has a BULLY Pulpit being the nominee and they cannot squash his voice. This was true from day one of his candidacy since he had carefully built his celebrity. They had to cover him or be exposed as the FAKE and Controlled News Media they are.

Why do you think they call it a BULLY Pulpit? Did you think it had something to do with the English saying, "Oh Bully!" No, it means BULLYING POWER to bypass the FILTER, to speak directly to the people, to go around the SPIN Doctors and pure psy-opts masters. The BULLY Pulpit in the hands of a TRUTH TELLER is a Revolutionary thing in a system of LIES.

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