Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Power of Media Propaganda

Watching an episode of "The Americans" I was reminded of when I became fully aware of the power of the psyops Media and how dangerous it was. I was working long hours, never watching T.V. Radio News in the car was my major exposure to the media.

It was the week following November 20th, 1983. I was already paying close attention to "things" in general, realizing that some power I could not define was battling our Patients and skewing Constitutionally protected rights. (I've written about this so if you are interested I will provide the link) If the Shadow Government had not illegally suppressed our patients, I would be worth much money today, probably Billions, and the world would be a HUGELY different and better place. The need for "centralized" anything would have disappeared and deserts would be turning into paradises. What if desalinization of water and massive pump systems for delivery cost mere thousandths of a cent per gallon? What would this world look like?

Here is the lowly concert tuner for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, invested in technology that was about to revolutionize the whole world. The Patient Office "Special Master" testing our technology. On the other hand, we were in a period the News Media was calling - The Reagan Recession. This was really the extension of Jimmy Carter's Stagflation. (Young people, you have to read to have a clue.)

Suddenly, my piano tuning customers started to make FATALISTIC statements to me. They were stated in many varieties, but the core of each statement was, "We have decided to make this the best Christmas ever. God only knows if the world will survive. After all, this could be our last Christmas." I clearly remember going from house to house five six houses a day, and people making like Fatalistic statements. I remarked to the stage hands at Symphony Hall, how strange it was that suddenly wealthy people, middle-class people, and working people were sounding like parrots. Ed Evans, a stage hand and my friend said, "Marron, didn't you see that move about nuclear 'nihilation?" He told me about it.

Remember, it was not like today, where everyone can go to see some HULU repeat or promos on Youtube. To this day I have never seen the movie. But what I witnessed was massive media hypnosis, creating the same effect in people of all economic strata. The FEAR MONGERING produced the biggest Christmas sales that were not beat until after George W. Bush told everyone that the best thing they could do to fight "TERROR" was to go shopping. WAIT, are you saying there is a tie between the fear mongering of 1983 and the movie The Day After and 9/11? IN one way there most certainly is.

On the outside of the T.V. controlled (Media) Mindset, in 1983, I realized what I had witnessed, when 99.9 percent of the people who watched the movie The Day After, were CLUELESS. Sadly, to this day, most remain, clueless.

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