Monday, June 27, 2016

Battle Line Is Drawn, Time To Choose.

A Special Prayer that Holy Angels attend every human person of good will, may the Holy Spirit enlighten their minds, strengthen their character, embolden their resolve for the good. - Amen

Battle lines are being draw, the possibility of remaining neutral is no more.

You are for the status quo of Perpetual War, Big Pharma Poisoning, Genocide, Financing Jihadis, Slaughtering Christians, Luciferian New World Order Conquest, Loss of National Sovereignty, and One World Government with its demonic and immoral Secularist Pagan Ecumenist Religion,


You are on the side of Christ, and seek HIS will and HIS will above all others. The protection of the Innocent, and the conquest of Satan's domain is our DUTY. Vowing to battle all enemies not just foreign and domestic, but on a personal basis, enemies without and within, conquering every wrong thought and passion, greed, lust and pride that blocks us from His perfect will. Christ be with me, Christ be within me . . .

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