Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lesson Time: American Tyranny Oligarchy Style

 (should be the title of a Rap song or outrageous dance.)

Commenting on an article about Donald Trump's statements about "breaking the North America Free Trade Agreement" (NAFTA) which will require negotiating a bi-lateral trade deal with Mexico and one with Canada. The subject of Executive Orders came up.

DW asked, "Why won't Donald Trump just void every Executive Order and promise to never issue one?"

Okay, here are the questions one has to ask.

(1) Does the present catalogue of Executive Orders represent all the distortions of governance that Killed our Constitutional Republic, making our Nation an Omni-Surveillance National Security Police State, controlled by the Foreign/Domestic Oligarchs (that is controlled by the Globalist International Financiers)?

The answer is, NOT EVEN CLOSE.

(2) Is the present SHOW Congress, a "Constitutionally formed Congress of a Constitutional Republic?"

The answer is an emphatic NO, NOT EVEN CLOSE.

(3) Why should Trump NOT give up the power of Executive Orders?

Because the congress is so packed with Cultural Marxists/Globalists, elected under false pretense, against the will of the people; 99% of them lied when they swore to protect and defend the Constitution they have CRUSHED. Plus there are so many other sovereignty destroying trade deals, treaties, liberty and privacy destroying laws and regulations, NOT passed by congress, NOT created by executive order, but by federal bureaucrats, that have to go, Trump will have to use executive orders to restore Constitutional governance. It cannot be legally accomplished any other way.  And he can't cede power to a congress in the control of our enemies.

(4) Is the present Congress and the Congress to be elected in the fall, actually the representatives of the American People.

The Answer is clearly NO.

When the National Emergencies Act was passed in the 1970s, it was THE means to create dictatorship, to reserve all power to the Oligarchs while keeping the appearance of a Constitutional Republic. Who served in Congress and WHO was President came completely under their control.  This is the paradigm Trump is SMASHING and the reason the CIAmerican Media lies about him 24/7 and both Domestic Enemy Globalist Politicians and Foreign Enemy Globalist Politicians HATE HIM; it is why they FEAR HIM.

A congress elected under the Oligarch's rules of "unlimited bribery" is NOT the American People's Congress. So now we are in a state of REAL Emergency, where the entire government apparatus has been co-opted and distorted by the Globalist Marxists, so that the government system has become the enemy of the American People. Some people in government Senators, Congressmen and Federal Employees on all levels, are just stupid puppets, place holders, and idiots. But some are ACTIVE SUBVERSIVES, who have dismantled our Constitutional Republic and continue to dismantle Liberty and Privacy.

Your buddy, Ted Cruz proved he was part of it, authoring the U.S.A. Freedom Act, a piece of pure psy-opts propaganda, a "show bill" to fool the American people. And pressing for FAST TRACK Authority (a cover for Dictatorial Actions) to create Sovereignty Destroying Globalist Trade Deals.

This is not, everybody go to D.C. and get along. This is Counter-Revolution. We cannot restore to regular order a system that is in the complete control of the enemies of the American People.

Things are far worse than I describe concerning the subversion of our government, as Chris Shipler observed in a recent episode of Liberty's Thunder on Blog Talk Radio, "These Cultural Marxist in Government are just the tip of the iceberg. They are in control of every institution of our society, corporations, state and local governments, our schools, our entire educational system, the think tanks, and on and on the list goes.  Just electing Trump is not going to fix this, every power in society will be against him . . . well every power but WE the People.  We have to make that power count."

SO, We find ourselves in the odd circumstance that the only means to restore Liberty and Privacy and wrest control from the Globalist Foreign/Domestic Oligarch ENEMIES is to use the lawful mechanism THEY put in place to destroy our Republic and seize control - that is the Power of the Executive under the authority of National Emergency. WE have been completely taken over by an Enemy that is Both Foreign and Domestic, THIS REALLY IS A National Emergency. 



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