Friday, June 3, 2016


Are YOU ready to fight it?

How many White Blond Female Trump Supporters does it take to stand down an ANGRY Marxist Latino Mob of HUNDREDS?

Answer, ONE:

Many of the COWARDS in the Mob had their faces covered, not the ONE BRAVE WOMAN who stood them down. She stood smiling at them.

ABSENT is the answer.
San Jose Mayor and Police Department SHAME ON YOU!.

Have you seen the footage of that brave woman being spat upon, cursed, objects thrown at her, as she remained calm and smiling, showing NO FEAR whatsoever? I want to know her name. I want never to forget her name once I learn it, nor forget her face, nor forget the visage of her walk down the Plank of LIBERTY. My GOD what bravery!

This BRAVE Woman, personified what I merely wrote about 18 months ago. Just for context, yesterday a friend on Face Book confided in me concerning yet another Obama OUTRAGE, saying, "there is so much I COULD say about this but I'm frightened to." I answered then THEIR intimidation has WORKED on you.

THINK ABOUT IT, one woman sitting in the comfort of her home frightened to tap out her Liberty thoughts on the keyboard, because she is frightened of the NSA and Obama intimidation and another woman standing in front of the open doors of a Trump Rally, UNWILLING to back down in the face of an angry MARXIST MOB.

Back two years ago, when the FBI slugs who monitor my writing were being particularly intimidating, one of them said to me, "Aren't you afraid that some of your Liberty writing will cause someone to do something violent?" I told him absolutely not and that he and those he worked with were the violent ones, since violence VIOLATES, and their breech of my privacy and their intimidation tactics were VIOLENCE. I explained that VIOLENCE cannot be used in the protection and/or creation of LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY, and that if I found someone trying to rape my child and killed them, it would not be that I was VIOLENT, but that I had to use DEADLY FORCE to protect against VIOLENCE. I have and EVERY Citizen has the God Given RIGHT, to use whatever FORCE is necessary, including DEADLY FORCE to secure and protect LIBERTY.

That BRAVE woman last night in San Jose, California, used FORCE, and showed how POWERFUL the FORCE of ONE can be, by merely standing her ground, as she exercised her right to peacefully assemble. The mob attacking her, and the POLICE and GOVERNMENT that FAILED to protect her, USED VIOLENCE. They are using the VIOLENCE of INTIMIDATION Against Liberty. They want people FRIGHTENED to turn out for Trump.

It was amazing to see the FORCE of one 115 LB MORAL FEMALE. It is a lesson that ought to SHAME those HIDING on the comfort of their couches in their SAFE and Comfortable Homes, filled with FEAR that the Government might take note of something they write.


First they came for the Trump Supporters.  Do not tolerate history repeating itself.

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