Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sacramento RIOT - FALSE FLAG!

Sacramento, California, FALSE FLAG event.
(1) The Brexit Vote Proved that the British people no longer believe that Nationalism is evil, xenophobic or wrong.
(2) To keep Donald Trump from winning the White House the Media will now engage in an onslaught of psy-opts to paint Nationalists as "White Racists."

The event in Sacramento is THEATRE, Created for this purpose.

CNN spent ten minutes interviewing the woman who organized the Cultural Marxist "Attack the Fascist/Nazi" rally thugs - - she admitted to multiple felonies ON Camera, admitted that she and her group arrived with the intent to assault the group that had a permit to hold a rally. The CNN reporter never questioned her about it. Acted as if her intend to commit a crime was "heroic." 

The "Nationalist Workers Party" are astro-turf shills, and the ones who attacked them are Marxist Brown Shirts. Enjoy the theatre, but do not be fooled by it.  This SHOW has NOTHING to do with the necessity we face to take back our Country, just as the British People are attempting to do.

REMEMBER!  The Globalists are DEADLY/Murderous People,
they are willing to use any theatre, including REAL slaughter of people, for political purposes. This is a REVOLUTION, complete with CIA invented groups and fake demonstrations.

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