Wednesday, June 15, 2016

History You Must NEVER Forget - Labor Day Weekend 2013

YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THE HISTORY! Labor Day Weekend, 2013 - you must never forget this. Your memory has been shortened by the fog of the CIAmerican Media.

This is the week that Obama announced his intention to bomb Damascus Syria, to take out Bashar Al-Assad, the duly elected president of Syria.

This is the week that the U.S. military command mutinied, contacted their Russian counterparts and assured them that if Obama gave the order to pull the trigger, they would not do it.

The previous Friday evening, August 30th, someone showed up at the White House and took Obama for a walk in the Rose Garden. He returned to the Oval Office shaken and cancelled the planned bombing. It was the day he discovered his dictatorship was WEAK.

Shortly after this week - later in September, Obama sent a hit squad to the Naval Yard, where the U.S. Nuclear Command head quarters is and they killed some people trying to get to the Admirals to take them out, but were unable to get to them.

All the following fall and winter, Obama systematically culled the U.S. Nuclear Command, but the people who replaced the commanders were as recalcitrant as their predecessors.

This was two weeks after the CIA ran a false flag operation in a Damascus suburb, and gassed a bunch of people, just after the U.N. Inspectors arrived in country to inspect Assad's chemical weapons stockpile (which was in the next six months destroyed with U.N. oversight.) Assad is not stupid, he would have NEVER gassed people a few miles from the U.N. Inspectors. It has since been proved that indeed "the rebels" DID have possession of the particular gas used in the attack.

This was the week that the U.S. command and Vladimir Putin pushed back the Globalist Psychopaths that control our government.

This was the week that 90 percent of the American population stood up and said, "Enough is enough! We will not tolerate a war to take out Assad."

This is the week that I predicted that the Globalist would take covert action to take out Assad and that the real goal was Christian Genocide.

This was the season that Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama went into high gear arming the "Rebels in Syria" who suddenly came out of "nowhere" with massive weapons and supplies and began to call themselves The Islamic State. (ISIS)

This was the week that the British Parliament stood on their feet and refused to take their Globalist Orders, and voted by overwhelming margin to block the Bombing of Syria and to block the U.S. from using any base on British soil to stage attacks on Syria.

The Christian Genocide Obama could not engineer by bombing Damascus, and placing Syrian in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, he accomplished in the following years using the CIA's Jihadi Legion known as ISIS.

This was the week that President Vladimir Putin prove to be the ONLY SANE VOICE in the international arena.

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