Monday, June 13, 2016

Cultural Insanity: Notice to Gays

We saw the Train Wreck in Orlando.

Under the delusions of Cultural Marxist "Multi-Culturalism" and "Tolerance," while making the argument that Christianity and Islam were equally violent, LGBTXYZs in Central Florida, YOU invited it, YOU Tolerated it and in your Delusion you are SHOCKED at the result. WAKE UP! ISLAM is a Political DEATH CULT. Death and Murder is at the CORE of their teaching.

In a Christian society, sodomites and other sexual deviants are expected to keep their deviancy in private, and not parade it in the public square, not openly propagandize and proselytize to Christian children, actually any children and youth. That is the price they pay to be left alone.  This is the Federal Law in Russia. They are a Christian society.  

Putin is right to call America Sodom, because not only are our laws the opposite of a Christian society, our government actively proselytizes our children and youth into sodomy and other sexual perversions through Cultural Marxist Sexual Education in the public schools, not to mention the CONSTANT Brainwashing of the media painting the worse kinds of perversion as "normal" just "different."

When American Society was Christian, gays were occasionally harassed, most of the time by self-hating closeted gays.  They were never massacred for being gay.  Why is that?  G.K.Chesterton said it best, "Only Christianity can create a culture where both the Christian and the Pagan may play safely."  That is huge wisdom, and the LGBTXYZ community has destroyed this safety and yesterday we saw merely a symptom of the result.  A Cultural Marxist society, you know as a Politically Correct Society,  cannot protect you.  It cannot protect any of us. It turns one community and race upon the other. It endangers us ALL, so that a few may maintain power.

Correcting the LIE:  All religions are the same?

Islam holds NO kinship to Christianity, NONE WHATSOEVER. Now, if you are gay, PLEASE resist the temptation to equate my TRUTHFUL words, with hate speech or the advocacy of violence.


The religious Muslim, is TOTALLY INSANE.  The more religious the Muslim becomes the more INSANE that Muslim becomes. 
One Committed Marxism is TOTALLY INSANE. The more dedicated the Marxist becomes to Marxism, the more INSANE that Marxist becomes. 

There are several names one could use with this basic equation, and each would be true. Mormon, Christian Dominionist, Zionist, Communist, Theosophist, New Ageist, Satanist, just to name a few.

The equation is reversed with True Christianity.
The Church has always called "salvation," coming to sanity also. The more a person comes to understand and practice the Christian Faith (the real one - not the cults and watered down denominations of it) the more sane that person becomes and the more LIFE ENGENDERING the society they collectively created, becomes.

There has never been a time that a Christian people created the perfect example of a Christian Society, a Golden age, as it were.  No rather the society benefits from the struggle for what is good and life engendering, rather than struggling for what brings certain chaos and death.  The American Gay Community has been actively working to bring certain chaos and death. That is the goal of Cultural Marxism, which has victimized the Gay community in our nation.  You have become the victim of your own actions. 

The more given to evil you are the more insane you become. When I say our culture has become insane, and unable to comprehend truth, I am not putting the culture down, but making an accurate analysis of its condition.

I talk to a few thoroughly insane people on Face Book every day, people who have lost the sanity to preserve their own lives, to preserve the safety of their own communities or even to preserve the existence of their own country. They are willing to sacrifice it all for abstract ideologies instilled in them by Cultural Marxist lies.

I also talk to a great many that are moderately and mildly "truth challenged" (how is that for a P.C. phrase?) Which means they exist in varying degrees of gaining or losing their sanity.

The Human Being was created as a Doxological Eucharistic creature. That means that he was created to Glorify God, and live in full communion with him.  My mother used to quote me this line from Helen Steiner Rice, "The joy, of enjoying and fullness of living, springs from a heart that is filled with thanksgiving." That is an expression of the Doxological Eucharistic reality of the way of living that is LIFE GENERATING.

I would challenge you to read the first chapter of the book of Romans in the New Testament, in the Revised Standard Version or the New King James Version to get a view of the NON-Doxological NON-Eucharistic way of living.

Archpriest Symeon Elias

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