Monday, June 20, 2016

National Review Playing to Dumbed-Down Audience

How stupid do the people at the NeoCon Review think we are? They are in a panic about Donald Trump's blunt talk about policies that will remove POWER from "special interest." The National Review said today, June 20th 2016, with a straight face, while they were begging delegates to revolt against Trump at the GOP convention:

"He (Trump) has destroyed existing relationships between the Republican party and corporate America that previously had been beyond the realm of policy differences"


Do you realize that stupid Neo Con Review writer just admitted what we have been telling you and you have had a VERY hard time comprehending, namely that the Republican Party was wholly owned and controlled by the Globalists, that is the International Corporations and their Bankers. It has NEVER and will NEVER be YOUR Party until that crucial first vote at the Convention when Trump is the OFFICIAL Nominee. From that moment forward, the roll of Globalist control of our Government will have its FIRST set back in my life time, and I listened to Eisenhower's "Military Industrial Complex" speech LIVE with knowing comprehension, and John Kennedy's "Secret Societies" speech LIVE, a couple of years later, with like comprehension.

I say with more than a half century of cumulative knowledge, Donald Trump is the FIRST SERIOUS challenge these Distopian Corporatist Genocidal Monsters have faced in my life time.

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