Saturday, June 11, 2016

Church Councils in the Age of Cultural Marxism

In this era, can you imagine calling an Ecumenical Council and purposely NOT mentioning the assault of Cultural Marxism upon Christianity, nor the Persecution of Christians by Islam, nor the erosion of the Christian Life, by the incursions of Secularism, or the Heresy of Ecumenism. Of the original 100 items on the Original agenda, these have been scrubbed, and/or never were offered. Why?

To be clear, the pre-council documents, made public at the insistence of the Russian Church specifically state that this is not an Ecumenical Council, but a Pan-Orthodox Council, and as such cannot address dogmatic issues or change the rule of faith. Notice that this is the exact language used of Vatican II.

Let me state on the Record, that the Pan-Orthodox Council which is scheduled to begin in a few days, billed as the first in One Thousand Years, is a Pseudo-Council, NOT an Ecumenical Council, being called by Cultural Marxists, for reasons of Heretical Ecumenism and Syncretism and becoming relevant to the Cultural Marxist Culture and Globalism.

It is billed as wanting to "speak to the culture" which is not now, nor has it ever been the purpose of an Ecumenical Council. All the language used to promote this Pseudo-Council is the exact same language the Cultural Marxists used in calling and promoting Vatican II. If we cannot manage to blow it up before it starts, it will be a mirror image of Vatican II, in the hellish damage it does to the Church.

Having said this I call on all Church leaders NOT to take part and encourage all Church layman to pray for knowledge so that they will be able to reject anything it produces that is not THE GOSPEL once and for all delivered unto the Saints. There is no possibility of deforming that Gospel into the Language of Cultural Marxist (Political Correctness) that does not destroy it.

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