Sunday, June 12, 2016

Obama on Notice.

For the Record, Mr Obama. If you wipe your ass on the American Constitution OUR families have fought and shed blood to defend, using the excuse of the carnage your fellow Muslim created in Orlando, Florida, to attempt a gun grab, we Christian Soldiers will rise up and stop it, and no Muslim will be safe in this country from that day forward. IF, You want to take the side of the Muslims, like you stated in your autobiography, STAND DOWN and realize the limitations on YOUR power.


Orlando Shooter, Omar S. Mateen, ISIS sympathizer - Jihadi. Over fifty dead and MORE than fifty wounded. Shot up Gay Bar during the night. It does not matter what the media and Government call this, it IS Islamic JIHADISM. It must be CRUSHED.


Make NOTE: Sunday 2:PM EDT, June 12, 2016. It has taken 8 years, but I swear to God, Obama looked frightened at his "statement to the Press." ALL of the Arrogant Anger, Muslim Superiority and FAKE Righteous posing was GONE.

Trust me, if the Trump Movement were not Massively Bigger than the media allows to be commonly known, and if the consensus was not that we are FINISHED with this Constitution destroying Tyranny, and FINISHED with "multi-culturalism" that leaves us victims of Jihadis, he would be singing a totally different song. The man I witnessed was COWED. At least in public, FRIGHTENED of stirring up more anger.

Don't get me wrong he is still very, very dangerous with the power he holds in the position he occupies, but he is CLUELESS how to use that power now.

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