Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Game Over? HELL NO!

I want to share a 2.5 hour lesson, a radio show from a year ago.  But before you listen, let me set it up for you. 

This was the situation mere days before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president.  Rex Christi suggested on the show, that no politician could change anything in D.C., but that he would welcome some one to come and "Smash it." 

We have to ask three questions:
(1) As to our culture, society and state of governance, where are we? (2) How did we get here? (3) Can I existentially prove my answers to one and two. Only then can we have a clue what to do next.

Father Thomas Hopko (Memory Eternal) said:

"I know Christians in Russia, now who say, It was a hell of a lot easier to be a Christian under the commies than it is now. And what the Godless Atheists could not accomplish, the Western investors, the discos, the computer chip, the pornography will. And all the rhetoric about autonomy and individual liberty, freedom and doing your own thing and MORE IMPORTANTLY, doing your own religious thing . . . You know there is no authority, there is no God and even religion becomes tapping into the deity for what "I" want, for a life according to the kind that "I" want to live . . . this is the anti-Christ. And most Christians serve him."

We see people who are thoroughly bowed to the anti-Christ, willing to give up Dignity and Privacy for faux safety, provided by the STATE that has become God to them. Others living off the fat the government provides, claim deprivation while carrying an extra 50 lbs of weight and punching icons on a $500 Iphone, or $2000 laptop, while they sit in their air conditioned government subsidized home. And they are praying the Lord will send them the means to get that $50,000 car.

Then there are the TENS of millions of Christian people who can't wait to tune in, for the next prophecy from brother so'n so, or sister whatnot, these people are ALREADY BOWED to the anti-Christ they FEAR is coming.

90% of Christian T.V. is Anti-Christ. The ONLY T.V. ministry I've seen that actually teaches the Gospel, is a short segment on Sun Broadcasting Network called "Message From The Cross" and not everything said there is true. (One of the regular participants is a CIA Operative, who ran CIA operations in South American for years.)  But still, a great portion of what is said on that show is TRUE.

The name it and claim it prosperity Gospel is anti-Christ.

The feel good motivational "claim your good life" "NICE" Politically Correct ministries (Joel Osteen as an example) anti-Christ.

People think that anti-Christ means what is the opposite of Christ, openly evil, overtly serving Satan, like the Atheistic Communists who OPENLY attacked Christ and Christ's Body the Church, who slaughtered 70 million Christians in the 20th century Soviet Union. No properly understood they are and were ENEMIES of Christ. NO, anti-Christ means those who appear to be for him who have at their core replaced him for something else. It means the people whose "goals and aims" under CHRISTIAN banner is OTHER than Christ.

Was Mohammed the or an anti-Christ. No he was a blood soaked false prophet, and was only, strictly speaking, anti-Christ in his invention of a "replacement Jesus." No, just like the Godless Communists, Islam is an enemy of, not a substitute for, Christ.

Mormonism is MORE anti-Christ for its invention of a "replacement Jesus," who in their mythology (theology) is Lucifer's brother.  Just as the Judaizing Gospel people, who substitute Jewish Holidays and festivals, are anti-Christ for their abandonment of HIS BODY, via "replacement of what Jesus Christ has ordained IN the Church," which is the TRUE Israel. Just as those who have abandoned the Christian Faith, the Church, whose total religious focus is the survival of the pagan state of Israel, are anti-Christ, for their "replacement of the TRUE Israel of God," who is JESUS Christ and those IN HIS BODY.

Anti Christ is not to come he is HERE and it has been this way for centuries. You are now accepting the true mark of Christ, or replacing that with the mark of the beast OF YOUR OWN CHOOSING.

Some of you won't get it, but some will, how this little teaching fits to this program.

Here is the show link.

Congress saved your privacy from the Patriot Act and the NSA following Rand’s stand against tyranny. Thanks to ‘conservatives', we now have the USA FreeDoom Act, which essentially does the same thing, only worse. This false theater pretends to find a balance between the conflict of liberty and security, when in fact there is none, with the goal of gaining consent for the conquest already accomplished. It is neither about keeping anyone safe nor defending liberty. It is designed to capture our minds.

The data of all Americans, whether collected by corporations or the government, is not being used to capture terrorists; rather it is used to create a matrix of psychological and material CONTROL! In a techno-driven world, information is power; power to condition, bribe, blackmail and vaporize. Welcome to FreeDOOM, Amerikan style.

The Republic has been usurped by tyranny with a veneer of democracy, elections and the distraction of bread and circuses. It shall persist UNLESS liberty-loving people band together to restore Constitutional governance from your own community on up to the Imperial District of Corruption. Restore The Constitutional Militia of the Several States, sound money, free economies, religious and civil liberties as well as a sensible foreign policy of non-interventionist defense backed up by the most powerful Navy and Marines; or watch the fascists in both parties push transnational agendas to their benefit and our demise. This is the last chance to stop those who perpetuate a hegemonic empire abroad and a fascist police state at home. To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, fascists, oligarchs, kleptocrats, useful idiots and their fellow travelers you MUST CRUSH the Neocon fascist-socialists on ‘the right’. . .for liberty! - Rex Christi

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