Monday, June 13, 2016

The ACLU a Terrorist Organization?

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) blaming the JIHADI attack on gays in Orlando on Right Wing Christians and Conservatives, proves to me that the ACLU has become a co-conspirator in Terrorism. Anyone who defends Islam, which at its CORE is Diseased and Murderous, anyone who claims it is a peaceful religion, as a propagandist (dhimmi) for Islam, is a co-conspirator and supporter of TERRORISM.

THINK! One cannot reasonably say, I abhor these rabid dog bites, and condemn every tooth and jaw that bites, but these bites are not indicative of the rabid dog as a whole. The rabid dog is peaceful, most of it never hurts anyone, only those evil teeth and jaws, who really are not a part of the whole rabid dog, are dangerous. The rest of the Rabid Dog wants to live life like a normal dog.

Every cell of that Rabid Dog EMPOWERS the teeth and jaws, there is no separation. Every religious Muslim, by virtue of the money he is REQUIRED to give to support "Jihad" EMPOWERS JIHAD. No REASON can spin it any other way. Only loss of reason and insanity can support ANY tiny corner of Islam.

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