Thursday, June 16, 2016

This is how psy-opts works - it is a bloody business often.

Days before the most crucial vote EVER in British History, which will determine if they have ANY right of self-determination or rather locked into a Globalist Regional Power, like the proverbial "Tar Baby" the more the people struggle for national freedom from the Tar Baby, the more stuck they become, the weaker they become, the more impoverished they become. A la, Greece part deux.

Make no mistake, the E.U. Parliament is the equivalent of the Soviet Politburo, with appointed officials not answerable to the people they govern. This isn't taxation without representation, it is dictatorial slavery.

So mere days before the election some "mad man" shows up, making a public spectacle and slaughters an attractive young female lawmaker, shouting "Britain FIRST"! Creating antipathy for the British First Movement as backward crazies, frightened of the future etc. And his age was just right 52 and white, a prototypical British First bigot.

Point being, I will be shocked if weeks before the November election here, some crazed attacker isn't filmed slaughtering some lovely symbol of Liberal Feminism as he shouts, "America First."

We have to be smarter than these murdering Globalist Psychopaths. I hope the British people are smart enough to "GET IT."

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