Friday, June 24, 2016

Ruminations On Brexit Victory

This is a Glorious Day for Liberty all around the world as the English and Welsh people have shown the other nations under Globalist Domination, how it is done. (Come Walk the Plank of Liberty With Me [LINK])


This vote by the Brits to Exit the E.U. is a BOON to Donald Trump's narrative. The Brits beat us in declaring that "nationalism" is not EVIL. Trust me they have been strengthened by watching Trump's speeches because their media is as CIA Censored as our own. (Extreme Censorship of the U.S. Media [LINK]) Every single story in the British press is about how "emotional" the stupid people are for calling for this vote to leave the E.U. and actually voting to LEAVE!  Same BS they throw at Trump Supporters all day long. "You are emotional, you are not thinking straight. We know what is best for you, why are you not listening?" CNN CIA Psy-Opts might regret writing this article,[LINK] when they were so cock-sure that they could create a FAKE election in Britain to stay in the E.U. - BTW the 52-48 margin to leave had to have been MUCH higher because they could "swing that amount" that 4% with no one noticing. But they can't "swing" larger numbers without total exposure. 

MY GOD the Globalist squalling, garment ripping and fear mongering is DEAFENING right now on CNN, Sky News, and especially on the BBC. These people are actually saying that they do not know how the 5th largest economy in the WORLD, a country with a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council, a permanent member of the G7 and G20 can survive without being submitted to George Soros and David Rockefeller's ' E.U. Politburo.

Do you realize that the STUPID British people allowed the politicians to make their own Parliament subservient to the E.U. Courts, whose judges are selected by the Ruling Elites - they are crony appointments by the Globalist Cabal. A Freak'n AMAZING.


Every CIA Media Outlet is engaging in massive LYING propaganda concerning the Brexit vote. They are browbeating the Brexit voters with the LIE that they have just broken a 41 ( or 43 year - they can't get their story straight) membership in the European Union. This is beyond revisionist history, this is pure lying propaganda.

The European Union was formed in 1993 - NINETEEN NINETY THREE - it is 2016. That is 23 years, NOT 41 or 43 years.

But in telling this LIE, they are admitting a TRUTH they should (if they were not in a panic) keep to themselves. What is that admission? That the REAL reason for the EEC (The European Economic Community - commonly called the "common market" ) was to create a super-state called the European Union.  Their failure to distinguish between the E.U. and the EEC, proves they are and always have been, one and the same.

Why is this important to know?

BECAUSE, WE are presently in the NAEC (North American Economic Community - commonly called NAFTA) Which is the precursor to THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION - a Globalist Plan


Donald Trump threatens the whole Globalist Scheme. He is Globalist Kryptonite.

The Globalist Puppet and Soros-Rockefeller-Rothschild Quisling, David Cameron is absconding.

I LOVE IT! Every Globalist and Globalist Puppet appearing on CNN and the BBC looks sullen and/or shell shocked. Some of them literally look like they have been crying.

I cannot wait to see the same expressions on the Bush and Clinton Crime families, and the evil smirk on George Soros' face turned to open, raw red-hot anger, and the smug mugs of the Rockefellers, looking like they just lost their childhood puppy and the House of Saud FURIOUS murmuring Jihadi curses.

This Brexist vote, is a serious blow to the Globalists. We could say it this way, Vladimir Putin's New World Order Speech in 2010 was the first nail in the coffin for Luciferian Globlalism. The Brexit vote is at least five more nails. Trump's election will nail the coffin shut. They will struggle and curse like demons screaming away in torment, but Trump's election will be the death knell of Globalism.

This Brexist vote GREATLY accelerates the speed at which the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Soros system crashes and the democratic processes and human rights are restored to our nation, so that we can be a Constitutional Republic once again.

There are some very interesting possibilities with Britain leaving the E.U. You see, Germany, France and Britain played a balancing act, with Germany increasing power and control over time that became painfully obvious this year, i.e., Merkel running roughshod over the Jihadi Invasion, demanding that countries take X number of Jihadis. The fact that these nations had given up sovereignty became glaringly clear to the people seeing that their individual governments were POWERLESS to control their own borders. We see the result in France which is in a state of War, and maybe fatally weakened, in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, etc., etc. IF the trend is not broken and the Jihadi gains pushed back, it is an end to Western Civilization in Europe. The British people just made a very strong step to saved themselves from this fate. Though a battle is won, the war remains.

Will the remaining countries in the E.U., some that were the victims of German invasion in WWII, will they be able to stomach Germany ruling by fiat, as if they won the war? Will they wise up and realize that they are in Globalist Slavery, vassal states of the New World Order? The chance of the people in other countries rebelling, facing the onslaught of Jihadi invasion is very high in my opinion. It is hard to picture the E.U. surviving this blow, long term, unless the European people fail follow the Brexit example and fail to ACT QUICKLY.

I am hoping that Trump peels those counties away from Germany one nation at a time with individual trading deals, contrary to the E.U. Charter.

I have said ad nauseum, it is impossible to know what to do, where to steer our Nation unless we can answer these simple questions:
(1) As to our culture, society and governance, where are we?
(2) How did we get here?
(3) Can we with existential evidence prove our answers to one and two.

The sad fact of history is despite the defeat of NAZI Germany, the NAZIS won.  How could that possibly be, you ask.  The American NAZIS, the Bush Crime Family and the Dulles Crime family, imported the key German Axis NAZIS to the U.S., created the CIA, employed them all, creating the Shadow government here that in November 1963 staged a Coup d'etat, and retained control of the Governments of Europe using the Marshal Plan, NATO and the EEC/EU and started their 60 years quest for world domination, benefiting from the knowledge of all Hitler's mistakes. This Brexit vote is the FIRST major blow to their scheme to rule the world.

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