Saturday, July 15, 2017

Are Passions on the LEFT the Real Problem as Newt Gingrich Suggests?

What is true and untrue in Newt Gingrich's statement?

I really have to push back on the idea of anti-Trump derangement syndrome. Are there people suffering this, yes, but they are not the Psyops Media, the FAKE NEWS. The FAKE NEWS Narrative is a coldly calculated psyops assault on the challenger to their Globalist/Cultural Marxist vision of the future. It is not "insane" it is evil. It is not emotional, it is cunning and calculated.

The panic that is causing them to look the fools they are is a SYMPTOM, not the cause. This alternative reality is not contained in the passion drawn from their hatred of Trump; that would mean that Trump was the cause of their insanity. Their alternative reality is a decades-long Cultural Marxist march into this present Culture of Death, and the goal to spread it into a governing world authority, yet another Utopian Luciferian Dream, another Tower of Babel.

When the problem is reduced to "emotionalism" the means to WIN is obscured. Their "passion" is not the enemy, their calculated Luciferian Plan IS, and under the guise of the "utopian demands of futuristic technology," Newt Gingrich has, in the past, promoted it.

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