Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Killing Fake Stream Media Psyops: USE COMMON SENSE.

Sometimes I swear I think Trump reads my posts - (not literally) well, some language I wrote on my blog made it into two of his speeches but that is  another story during the campaign. Four days ago I wrote this and yesterday Trump Tweeted the following.

Butch Robinson
July 8 at 1:36pm ·

Notes toward SANITY:

(1) Do not believe any story that is "anonymously sourced."
(2) Do not believe any story claiming to be from "high-ranking" sources who spoke, "off the record" or any other source "off the record." This is the same "anonymously sourced."
(3) Pay attention to the News Outlet, or Website that fed you FAKE News. REMEMBER THE NAME, CNN, FOX, podunk website, blog, etc.
(4) Don't believe anything again from any site that has published fake news, unless you can verify that information from a trusted source.
(5) If the story is "obscure" like Nancy Pelosi's fake daughters being arrested, (a) check and see if the story is "SOURCED" - (b) see what local law enforcement made the arrest, (c) Verify such event happened from local sources (3) or if it was supposedly the Feds, FBI, DEA, ATF, etc., etc., note the location and check for LOCAL news confirmation.

This is just common sense folks and it is indeed sad that some have to be taught common sense. You don't have to remain nieve and easily misled and you don't have to be a genius to VET the stories you read.

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