Thursday, July 27, 2017

Personal, a little testimony and FUN.

Headon collision November 9th 1991, pronounced dead on the scene. They were a little premature with the pronouncement. However, I was left strugging with a badly damaged heart, sudden death within a few days or weeks was the prognosis. I checked myself out of the hospital and never looked back. Here is the story if you want to read the testimony of a dead man.

So not having enough strength to play the sax for 26 years, something happened last winter and boom, there it was. I would have never spent a penny on a Sax at this age, and were it not for my 50 year old son-in-law catching the Sax bug and deciding to learn to play, buying a pawn shop special, then investing in a couple of really nice horns, giving me the pawn shop special, I would have never tried to play again.

It was a huge frustration in the years following the accident watching my very fine horns sit and rot. So I gave some away and sold some. I owned some really stellar instruments, but it is amazing what this $150, pawn shop special can do.  It's not like riding a bike, it is taking effort, but it has been so much fun to play after all these years. 


Here is a recording I made in 1985, 32 years ago. I'm playing piano and sax. Sax recorded to a click track and piano over dubbed. 


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