Monday, July 10, 2017

Frank Gaffney proving he is still a Neo-Con Trotskyite Globalist.

Frank Gaffney proving that despite his rhetoric about Islam, he is STILL a Neo-Con, willing to lie like a dog about Modern Russia equating it with the Old Soviet Union. Any Russian will tell you this is lunacy. Who does Gaffney have on to prove his point but Professor J. Michael Waller who is CIA Psyops. Waller boldly pronounces that "the Gulag is back in Russia" a DAMNABLE LIE. Yes, according to the dear professor Putin is the real threat to the world - the subtext is Putin is the real threat to Globalist Domination. Trump is being so successful with his International Speeches and ACTIONS, they have to give lip service to Trump's Riyadh and Warsaw speeches, and even admit that Trump destroyed the effectiveness of the G20 psyop, where Trump was to be painted as a danger to the Free World, but by his Warsaw Speech and support of "Western Civilization" Trump upstaged them making the G20 anti-climactic. It is as Rex Christi pointed out on last evening's LibertysThunder Broadcast, these squishy Neo-Con Globalists are way more dangerous than the LEFT. Why? Because they claim to agree with America First Sovereignty when in fact they do all they can to destroy it. Gaffney proves he is a Neo-Con Trotskyite Globalist and NOT a conservative as most of you believe he is, by giving this Deep State CIA Slug a platform.

Waller further presses the Russian Hacking myth, and claims that Putin thus isolated himself forcing the only possible reaction to be "get tough on Russia." He knows full well that the Russian Hacking is a myth created by HIS Deep State Cronies in the CIA.

Listen to this CIA wonk accuse Russia of EVERYTHING that is common practice with the Deep State/CIA. He actually says that Putin exposes his opponents to "mental treatment" so they can be deemed mentally ill. Sound familiar. How many times has the Deep State FRAUD Media called Trump a Malignant Narcissist? Nearly all the major FRAUD Media outlets have run stories declaring Trump mentally ill. What a hoot!

Two paragraphs to say Waller is a Psyops Agent.
Prof. J. Michael Waller

Managing Director of Oceanic Advisors
Professor J. Michael Waller is a scholar-practitioner in strategic communication, public diplomacy, information operations, psychological operations, and director of the only accredited graduate study program devoted to public diplomacy and political warfare.

Professor J. Michael Waller has been a scholar-practitioner in public diplomacy, political warfare, psychological operations and information operations in support of US foreign and military policy for more than 25 years. He was a member of the staff of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, served on the White House Task Force on Central America, was an operative for members of the White House Active Measures Working Group, and has been a consultant to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the US Information Agency, the US Agency for International Development, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the US Army, and the US Special Operations Command. In 2006 he received a citation from the Director of the FBI for “exceptional service in the public interest.” He has designed and conducted specialized training courses for the US military and civilian agencies.
Prof. Waller can think like an insurgent, having received military training as an insurgent with the U.S.-backed Nicaraguan Resistance in the 1980s. He successfully trained scores of U.S.-backed insurgent commanders (Nicaraguan) in political warfare and psychological operations and aided their demobilization and transition into a democratic society. He worked with Afghan resistance fighters against Soviet Army. He also successfully trained U.S.-backed foreign military counterinsurgency forces to defeat guerrillas and terrorists through non-kinetic means; and designed and implemented ideological warfare operations to infiltrate and disrupt adversary political front organizations and hostile foreign security and intelligence services.
Currently he is the director of the only graduate studies program in the United States on the integration of public diplomacy and political warfare as low-cost/high-impact solutions to leverage, avoid or prevent lethal kinetic force. He is also the Founder and President of Strategic Information Services, LLC, an education, training, publishing and information strategy company.

Professor Waller is a Senior Analyst in Wikistrat’s Analytic Community
Academic Qualifications:
PhD, International Security Affairs, Boston University
MA, International Relations and Communication, Boston University
BA, International Affairs, George Washington University
Areas of Expertise:
Political warfare
Psychological warfare
Public diplomacy
Information operations
Strategic communication
To contact Prof. Waller, click here.

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