Wednesday, July 12, 2017

You Cannot Reason With Idiots

The Russia psyop is not about TRUTH, it is about a FAKE Narrative to try to save as much of the Globalist/Cultural Marxist Agenda as possible by defaming Donald Trump and Family.  Come on! Even Van Jones, CNN Psyop Agent, and a Globalist Antonio Gramsci/Saul Alinsky Marxist said: "THE RUSSIA STORY IS A NOTHING BURGER."

I wonder how many times this conversation has been repeated in social media, and face to face in America over the last several months.  But remember the FAKE NEWS has LOST.  They are making a lot of noise, fooling only fools and idiots, but they have lost.   (If you want to know how badly they are losing click HERE)

Jason D. Chastain


LEFTY: Did you see the smoking gun on Eric Trump?

ME: The Russia nothing burger you guys keep pressing is a joke. Your own people know it, too. Move on.

LEFTY: What, the security of our nation means nothing to you?

ME: Oh, you mean like when Hillary sold 20% of our Uranium to Russia in exchange for Millions in donations to her Clinton Crime Family Foundation?

LEFTY: That was normal state Dept business.

ME: Or when she emailed top secret info over an unsecured server she deliberately hid in a bathroom? Smashed her phones with a hammer? Those are real felonies, not imagined. Why aren’t you calling for her arrest?

LEFTY: Those are FOX News lies.

ME: Uh. No, they are facts which were testified to under oath by Comey in a Congressional hearing.

LEFTY: That she is not in jail is proof she did nothing wrong. But Trump needs to be impeached for collusion.

ME: What would the Russians gain from Trump ramping up our economy and military strength? Hillary is the one who sold us down a river for cash. Selling influence for money, that’s Racketeering; another felony she should be in prison for.

LEFTY: We haven’t uncovered all of Trump’s crimes yet, that’s why we must continue to investigate.

ME: You have 11 months of no evidence of any crimes. It’s nothing but a manufactured leftist smear campaign to cover up the absolute vacuum your party suffers in ideas, platform, and leadership. Your party is out of gas and coasting on the fumes of propaganda. That’s all you have.

LEFTY: You conservative A-holes are destroying the world….. (flees to safe space.)

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